Director John Stockwell features prominently in the article on Hollywood publicity by Tad Friend in the 9/23/02 New Yorker.

During a press junket at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles to promote his first film, the interracial teen romance Crazy/Beautiful, Stockwell complains about the softball questions he gets from journalists. "I keep hoping these journalists will go provocative and ask, 'How was your film neutered?'"

Crazy/Beautiful was planned to be an R-rated feature but Disney wanted the more commercial PG-13 rating, forcing Stockwell to make 35 obscenities, parts of a sex scene and drugs. "But with the Disney people hovering, and the journalists wanting to be invited back to the next junket, for the hotel and the free food, they don't. If they're asking you to autograph the press kits [signed packets that often show up on EBay the next day, selling for around $25], it's not going to be a very probing interview.

"It's terrifying that if a journalist writes something negative the top three or four publicists will blacklist him. Publicists are the death of interesting journalism about entertainment."