Julia Allison's Video Channel


I'd never heard of this columnist Julia Allison until Vanessa G.'s article in New York magazine on Gawker this week.

I spent a few minutes Googling Julia this morning and she's perfect. Absolutely delicious.

As BigApple put it in Gawker comments: "I just have to say that I am really put off by the anti-woman rhetoric every time Julia Allison's name appears. I don't know anything about Julia but it is disturbing that just because a woman is young, attractive and successful she is automatically a slut and we should discuss her breasts. All in all I think your mother would be very disappointed by this hateful language."

ThighHigh posts: "I was a Julia hater until the post about her slumming in Silicon Valley. When I saw that pic of her in the low cut dress, I realized that her tits are deserving of fame and admiration. They really are. They are perfect and powerful and I for one would like to get to know them. Or perhaps sublet them."

Pope John Peeps II posts: "As a super-keen yet intelligent hetero, that was actually the moment I started to like J.A.'s breasts much less. Before then, I was lounging in the cloudy Seinfeld-esque dreamworld of "real and spectacular". But when they cantilevered themselves without cantilevers, I got unhappily suspicious of the internal structure. Then my organic dreams were shattered, and I alternated singing "Eleanor Rigby" and "Back to Black" for the next two hours."