Kelly McGillis's career has never taken off after her appearances in Witness and Top Gun.

She was trained at Julliard.

Kelly McGillis is on her second marriage (Fred Tillman, since 1989). She was married to Boyd Black from 1979-1981.

Fred and Kelly have two daughters, Kelsey and Sonora.

"[During the filming of 1986's Top Gun] Kelly had brought this girlfriend down from Los Angeles," Pettigrew remembered. "She was big and had a deep voice, and they were dancing by the pool."

Recalls an assistant: "Kelly had her girl there. She's doing the entire navy, plus has her lesbian girlfriend coming down on the weekend from Los Angeles!" (High Concept, pg. 74)

Kelly's husband, Fred Tillman was arrested in Key West, Florida on April 15, 1993 after offering to pay an undercover female cop $20 for a sexual act. His arrest came four days after McGillis gave birth to the couple's second child, daughter, Sonora Ashley.