Born 6/6/25 in Brooklyn, Marvin Worth died of lung cancer 4/22/98.

Ross Johnson writes in the May 1996 issue of Buzz magazine: "[Marvin] Worth's made a career out knowing hte score. A Versace-clad, head-turning visual mixture of Moses and Jerry Garcia, he doesn't have the brand name of a legendary producer like [Robert] Evans or [Dick] Zanuck.

"He runs his business out of a room in a Benedict Canyon house that he bought in 1963, a home tastefully decorated by his wife of forty-one years, the artist Joan Worth."

Worth spent 21 years trying to get Malcom X made.

"At my age, I don't need tons of deals because deals don't put money in a producer's pocket. If you're out there just making deals and not making movies, your passion gets diluted. Now if I have lunch with somebody, they know I want to have lunch with them. If I make a movie, it's because I have passion for what the movie is about.

"I create my own projects. I started producing when the producer was hired because he had good taste and an ability to get a good writer to go along with that taste." (Buzz, 5/96)

A hotshot literary agent tells Ross Johnson: "Have you seen the clothes Marvin Worth wears? I have no desire to do business with these old guys who look like they just walked out of a Tony Orlanda garage sale."