David Poland writes 2/2/99 on www.thehotbutton.com: "Former Sony America chief Mickey Schulof can't get the sex monkey off his back. He seems to have forgotten how much joy Heidi Fleiss brought to the studio's Culver City campus a few years ago when she threatened to go public with her list of johns. Rumors repeatedly had Heidi's girls as a regular part of the company payroll for some corporate hay rolls. Well, his new company, which dumped him last month, World Online International, is accusing him of using the gold card for the same kinds of activities. Schulof says they are developing "a conspiracy to attempt to intimidate and harass (him)." And now they are claiming that he induced another employee to join in his recreation proclivities."

Sue Mengers told Rachel Abramowitz: "I don't believe any woman could have been as dumb or egomaniacal as Mario Kassar, Victor Kaufman, and Mickey Shulhoff. You could have the most mediocre women in those jobs, and they wouldn't be as stupid in having to prove their masculinity, in making the kind of gaffes and shit those guys did. And if infuriates me." (Gun, pg. 39)