Michael De Luca is best known for receiving a xxx at age 32 from the sister of actor Cary Elwes and producer Cassian Elwes in front of guests (such as ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGER, EMMA THOMPSON, JOHN MALKOVICH and QUENTIN TARANTINO) at a pre-Oscar party thrown by then head of the William Morris motion picture division, Arnold Rifkin at his home in March, 1998. De Luca and the woman were escorted from the party by security guards.

Mrs. Rifkin reportedly tossed out the chair in which Mike was sitting, saying that she would never ask her guests to sit in it again.

De Luca received a stern reprimand from his bosses at New Line, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne. Mike had a father-son relationship with Shaye.

At his surprise 32nd birthday party at Lucky Cheng's in New York, De Luca was photographed having a transvestite lick whipped cream off his bare chest for a photo spread in Creme & SuGar magazine.

From Brooklyn, the brash De Luca developed such hits at New Line as "The Mask," "Dumb and Dumber," "Seven," "Boogie Nights," "Wag the Dog" and "The Wedding Singer."

De Luca exudes a don't-give-a-damn attitude. He has a record of public fistfights and drunken driving. He prefers to wear denim and leather over suits and ties and enjoys riding a Harley.

De Luca was fired by New Line in 2000. He was then hired by Dreamworks.

Born in 1965, Mike grew up in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn. He dropped out of New York University as a senior and went to work at New Line as an intern at age 19. He moved from gofer to story editor to vice president to head of production. He earned over $300,000.

Writers and directors love working with him. "In a business that's filled with second-guessing, Mike has the courage of his convictions and that's why so many filmmakers want to work with him." screenwriter Gary Ross told the LA Times Claudia Eller for her 3/29/98 article. "Almost anyone I know would give his right arm for his track record."

Mike wrote two New Line movies: the sixth installment of the "Nightmare" series, and the John Carpenter-directed "In the Mouth of Madness."