In his second hour 10/07/02 of his nationally syndicated radio show, Dennis Prager (DP) hosted author and actress (Everybody Loves Raymond) Patricia Heaton, author of the new book "Motherhood and Hollywood." Patty's a Presbyterian conservative pro-life Christian.

Dennis Prager was thrilled with actress Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond), who was on Bill O'Reilly's show. She said she was pro-life, would vote to ban abortion if a justice on the US Supreme Court. Wasn't this an unpopular stand? She said that in the end, she will have to stand before God, not Barbra Streisand.

DP revived all his well-worn stories about how horrid it is for conservatives in liberal Hollywood.

DP brought up Jessica Lange's anti-Bush remarks. He said no conservative star would go overseas and say you were embarrassed to be an American. Why feed Spain's anti-Americanism?

DP wondered if any group gave as many awards as entertainment. How about Jewish life? Jews and synagogues are constantly throwing dinners honoring everyone who will get people to buy expensive tickets to a fundraising dinner.

From USA Today: Hollywood, which banded together after Sept. 11 to raise funds, flags and patriotic fervor, is mobilizing an anti-war front to protest President Bush ( news - web sites)'s plans for an attack on Iraq.

Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Jessica Lange, Ed Asner, Joanne Woodward and Jane Fonda are among the list of U.S. artists speaking out against the Bush administration's policies.

Dozens of celebrities have signed the ''Not In Our Name'' anti-war declaration that ran as a paid advertisement in the Los Angeles Times on Friday and last month in The New York Times. Playwright Tony Kushner, filmmaker Oliver Stone, actor Ossie Davis, performer Mos Def, writer Gore Vidal and historian/author Howard Zinn are among the signers of the declaration. It also opposes threats to civil liberties and the government's treatment of Arab-Americans.

Lange spoke against war while in Madrid last week. The actress said she ''hates'' Bush and said his call for an attack on Iraq is ''unconstitutional, immoral and illegal.''

NY DAILY NEWS/RUSH AND MOLLOY.... Patricia Heaton still isn't naming names, exactly, but she is begging the pardon of fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer after suggesting on TV that the 44-year-old star had a face-lift. You'll recall Heaton told David Letterman last week that a "very famous actress" on the "cover of a big fashion magazine" was denying she'd had any nips or tucks - even though Heaton claimed to have interviewed the actress' plastic surgeon. Pfeiffer happens to be on the cover of the new Harper's Bazaar, where she talks about her fear of plastic surgery and Botox treatments. Yesterday, Heaton said she was just trying to be funny. "In an attempt at being humorous, I made statements regarding an actress and plastic surgery that were completely fabricated," the "Everybody Loves Raymond" cast member told us. She added that it is "erroneous" to construe she was talking about Pfeiffer.