Director Paul Cowan


I spoke this week with National Film Board of Canada documentary filmmaker Paul Cowan. From 1998-2000, he followed me around intermittently for the documentary released last year Give Me Your Soul.

Luke: "People who do that are more interesting. As a writer, I seek compelling material."

Paul: "Yes, you want people putting it on the line. You want people risking something. If they're not risking anything, it's not interesting."

Luke: "How can I make a dent?"

Paul: "And there have been so many insider accounts about what it is really like. I remember reading Julia Phillips book, 'You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again.' It was a big scandal but frankly who cares."

Luke: "I picked it up and I saw no point to the book."

Paul: "That was the insider's insider. Just getting inside and getting the real story isn't enough in this day and age. We live in an age where the real story has been out there for a long time in just about everything. You've got to bring something to it."

Luke: "I've got a few months to make something of myself or I will have to take a job as a secretary or something. And I am dreading that."

Paul: "It's not only the money, it's the boredom and tedium. I'd kill myself before I let tedium rule my life. That fear would keep me awake at night too."