Who Betrayed Anita Busch?

Los Angeles Times journalist Anita Busch was going along like normal, digging into a story about Julius Nasso and star Steven Seagal. Then June 20th, Anita got threatened with death.

Someone burned Anita. She asked a question of someone close to Seagal and the next thing she knows, she's threatened.

One of Anita's key sources is Phil Goldfine, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Steven Seagal's Steamroller Productions.

Phillip B. Goldfine, former senior VP at Tri-Mark television and feature film buyer for New Line Cinema and Fox Broadcasting Co., makes $175,000 a year (according to documents in the Nasso vs. Seagal lawsuit) working for Steven Seagal setting up foreign sales deals. Phil knows a lot of stuff that he plays innocent on. He's a big Anita Busch source. Phil wanted to get out of Seagal's camp when Seagal changed his business partner from Nasso to Danny Provenzano.

Goldfine and Anita Busch are close. He may have parlayed the wrong information to the wrong person. Anita says she was attacked out of the blue. I think she gave the wrong information to someone in Seagal's camp (I have no evidence it was Goldfine) who then betrayed her and may have ordered the attack.

I scheduled an interview with Goldfine about five times during late 2002 for my book on producers but every time he canceled and attempted to reschedule. Eventually I got the hint he was never going to talk to me and I gave up.