Producer Richard D. Zanuck, born 12/13/34, is the son of movie pioneer Darryl Zanuck. "Zanuck personifies edge," writes Ross Johnson in the May 1996 issue of Buzz magazine. "There are actually moments when his chiseled facial muscles are so taut his jaw begins to resembles the front wall of a handball court. He admits that he does not suffer fools gladly. The conventional Hollywood wisdom on the man comes down to three words: uptight short guy."

Darryl gave his son a producing job on Compulsion when Dick was 23. At 27, he became head of production at Fox. His father fired him when he was 40 and he went on to independent producing.

Lili Fini met Dick when she was 24 and working at the Carnation Company. They married four months later. She won an Oscar for producing Driving Miss Daisy and made her directing debut in 1991 with Rush.