Within Hollywood, Sandy Gallin has long been referred to as a major member of the so-called "Gay Mafia", which includes David Geffin, Barry Diller, and Calvin Klein.

Gallin was not outed in the mainstream press until a Claudia Eller profile in January 1994. The story was centered on Gallin's role in defending his client Michael Jackson from child molestation charges. The article includes a picture of Geffen, Diller, Klein and Gallin together.

Gallin has managed Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Gallin released this statement about Jackson: "....Michael's innocent, open, child-like relationships with children may appear bizzarre and strange to adults in our society who cannot conceive of any relationship without sexual connotations... This is not a reflection of Michael's character; rather it is a symptom of the sexual phobias of our society."

Eller writes: "In the mid-60's, he was transferred to GAC's West Coast offices, a move he welcomed because he was a closeted homosexual. "I was afraid of being gay living in the same city as my brother and mother," he says."

The LA Times has been assumed to have an anti-outing rule.