Seth Landau emails me:

Just wanted to let you know what a valuable resource your lukeford.net is and how it specifically helped me tonight.

This movie that I just completed, "Bryan Loves You", is a tough sell in a sense that it's a horror without a ton of gore (to me, "Ju-on" was the scariest movie ever made). But Morris Ruskin's company Shoreline Ent called me this week, saying they loved "Bryan" (they screened it over the weekend) and want to sell it.

And so I always do my research (I'm a former reporter) and of course came across a Google hit for your in-depth interview w/ Morris. And while it was from several yrs ago, the essence of his character I feel was evident, making me much more likely to sign w/ his company, which I meet w/ later this week.

...Today [May 7, 2007] all of the contracts were signed and "Bryan Loves You" is officially rep'ed by Shoreline Entertainment. You're free to use the initial Myspace mail I sent you for the blog or Web site.

I interviewed Seth by phone Monday afternoon 5/7/07. Part One Audio. Part Two.

Seth is related on his father's side to the Noda B'Yehuda (Ezekiel Landau) and manufacturer-philanthropist Aaron Feuerstein.