Steve Golin's father was a biochemist in Rockland County who specialized in medical advertising.

After NYU film school, Golin transferred to the AFI producers program. He met former Icelandic rock star Joni Sighvatsson. They produced the forgettable films Hard Rock Zombies and American Drive-In. In 1986, they formed Propaganda Films to make music videos. They made about 150 annually, with about one-third of them making it on the air. Propaganda launched the careers of many of today's top Hollywood directors -- David Fincher, Michael Bay, Spike Jonze, Dominic Sena, Simon West, Antoine Fuqua, Mark Romanek and Michel Gondry.

Propaganda produced half a dozen thrillers, much of early David Lynch (Wild at Heart, the Twin Peaks pilot) and director Todd Solondz's first film, Fear, Anxiety and Depression.

Sighvatsson left to head Lakeshore Entertainment in 1995. Then Golin and Propaganda produced The Game for David Fincher, Portrait of a Lady for Jane Campion, two films by Neil LaBute (Your Friends and Neighbors and Nurse Betty) and Spike Jonze's first feature, Being John Malkovich. (LA Weekly 11/14/02)

Propaganda was sold to Universal in 1998 as part of owner PolyGram's divestiture of its film assets. Propaganda next was sold to Barry Diller's USA Films. Then it was taken over by a consortium of private investors in 1999. Golin was fired, and replaced by former William Morris agent Rick Hess. Two years later, the company collapsed.

Golin formed Anonymous Content, which makes features, commercials, and music videos in addition to managing talent. The company has a first-look deal with Universal Focus and a second-look deal with Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free Productions.

In January 2002, Golin was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Golin says his role models are fellow producers David Brown, Saul Zaentz, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Ed Pressman.