Julia Phillips writes in her 1991 book: "Steven Reuther fucks himself into a job at Vestron. He almost marries the woman, but they split up badly instead. She, who was there first, and helped Austin build th company, loses an executive war with Bill Quigley and is fired. Steven, meanwhile, goes up the executive ladder. His credit is on a dozen turkeys and one hit, Dirty Dancing. Within weeks after he and Ms. Vestron have split, he hooks up with Natalie Zimmerman, who is a more beautiful version of her predecessor."

From a press release: STEVEN REUTHER (Producer) is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bel-Air Entertainment. Most recently, he was executive producer of "The Replacements," starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. Reuther is producer of the forthcoming films "Sweet November," directed by Pat O'Connor and starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. He is also executive producer of the upcoming "Proof of Life," starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe; and the action thriller "Collateral Damage," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by Andrew Davis.

Reuther has long been associated with Warner Bros. Pictures, and headed New Regency productions. In 1989, as President of the company, he producer the blockbuster "Pretty Woman." He also produced such films as "The Mambo Kings," "Sommersby" and "Boys on the Side." Additionally, while at New Regency, Reuther executive produced or oversaw a number of acclaimed and successful films, among them "Falling Down," starring Michael Douglas, as well as the Oliver Stone films, "Natural Born Killers" and "JFK." As President & CEO of Douglas/Reuther Productions from 1994-97, Reuther produced "The Rainmaker" and executive produced "Face/Off" and "The Ghost and the Darkness."

Reuther began his entertainment career as an agent at the William Morris Agency in 1974, representing several distinguished actors and directors. In 1982 he joined Galactic Films as Vice President, Production, serving as associate producer of Adrian Lyne's hit "9 1/2 Weeks." Reuther became Vice President, Production, first at RKO Pictures from 1984-86, and then at Vestron Pictures from 1986-89 where he executive produced the timeless favorite "Dirty Dancing," among other films.

Reuther established Bel-Air Entertainment in January 1998, serving as president and CEO of the new production entity.