Rob Eshman writes in the Jewish Journal July 18, 1997:

Dr. Susan Marilyn Block is a nice Jewish girl, who talks about sex on late-night cable TV. Raised in Philadelphia, bat mitzvahed and confirmed at Temple Har Zion, she credits Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and Rabbi Ivan Caine of Society Hill Synagogue with inspiring her to convey serious topics theatrically, and to think critically. Her "Dr. Susan Block Show," which has inspired an Internet site (www.drsusanblock.com), a book ("The Ten Commandments of Pleasure") and two HBO specials, combines elements of both. As Block, who has her doctorate in philosophy, vamps suggestively, she answers callers' questions on sexual issues.

I ask rabbi Shmuley Boteach 8/3/04:

"Would you still do a Dr. Susan Block Show?"

"Umm. Susan is a Jewish woman. I naturally have an affinity with not only Jewish people, but Jewish people who are proud that they are Jewish. If you remember that show I did with Susan, she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. She put on all her clothes. She and I have had very warm interactions since. I don't know enough about what she is doing now to comment one way or another. To the extent that I understand she has become far more explicit, the answer would be no. I like Susan, but even the Sex Week at Yale made me a bit uncomfortable. Susan was one of the speakers. There were a lot of highly respected speakers. It was Yale University after all."