Warren Beatty Video Channel

Warren Beatty, the younger brother of Shirley MacLaine, stars in 23 films. He's directed four. Most of his films have lost money.

Ellis Amburn's book "The Sexiest Man Alive" (HarperCollins, 411 pages, $25.95) concentrates on Beatty's prodigious sex life.

Beatty came to Hollywood in the late 1950s and began dating Joan Collins. As Amburn writes: "With more testosterone than even the concupiscent Collins could imagine, Warren gave new meaning to the word compatible, making nonstop love to her with a stamina she'd never before experienced."

Beatty's friendship with a group of gay playwrights, including William Inge, put him in the movie business (Inge's gay friends would refer to Inge as "Warren's fairy godfather"). For his debut in 1961, Warren had the lead in the film version of Inge's "Splendor in the Grass." Natalie Wood, his co-star, became his new girlfriend.

Beatty's sexual conquests include Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Vanessa Redgrave, Brigitte Bardot, Candice Bergen, Carly Simon, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Julie Christie, Madonna, Goldie Hawn, Margaux Hemingway, Elle Macpherson, Kate Jackson, Connie Chung, Suze Randall, and Mary Tyler Moore.