An Exchange With White Nationalist Thinker Yggdrasil

I write to him: "I read your entire section on white nationalism. As a religious zionist, I see striking similarities. Do you?"

Yggdrasil responds:

Of course I see similarities! However, zionisim is based on the idea that jews are special and exceptional. If you take the right of jews to their ethnostate and generalize that into a universal human right for all identifiable groups of humanity including white europeans - you are advocating a model for the world that most diaspora Jews would find terrifying.

The fact that their fears are irrational is utterly beside the point. They have power, and the longer the irrational fears inform the exercise of that power, the more compelling the case for non-Jews to confront and contain that power.

That is the nub of it: all the rest is mere commentary.

After reading your web site, I conclude that you have either (a) accomplished what I never though possible, namely transforming flattery of Jewish vanity from what I had always considered a lowly craft into a rarified art form (and I mean that as a compliment) or (b) concealed from your readership the fact that you are a remarkably devious rascal.