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My New Writing On Dennis Prager


SGil writes on the Prager List: Dear Friends, One of the reason's that I recommend Geoff Metcalf to you is his sense of public purpose. For instance, is that he passes on letters regularly (not the pitifully few and inane or self-promoting our declining friend DP posts at his website). Also, Geoff promptly posts a synopsis of his shows -- this is from his Wednesday, week 23 letter to those of us who request it because we're too busy to listen to his talk show. Now, can you imagine DP doing that? Something that could contribute to a contraction of his listening audience, but he would nevertheless feel MORALLY obligated to pass on to his listeners?

I'm sorry my disappointment with DP may detract you from appreciating the following. So, without further ado, here is Geoff (far shorter in his introduction than I).

This letter came to me via email. It is a wonderful letter and kinda cool that it was generated from a teacher in my home state of Rhode Island.

To the editor:

Thank you, Al Gore. As a high school history teacher, I owe you a debt of gratitude. You see, the way you have conducted your campaigns (the election campaign and the ballot-manipulation campaign) has provided me with endless opportunities to show my students the beauty of our Constitution and the wisdom of our founding fathers.

Take the electoral college system. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Al.

For six years, I have done my best to explain the logic and benefits of the system hammered out by Mr. Madison and a few of his cronies. High school students just don't get why they chose such a complicated process. Why not simply go by popular vote? I'd patiently explain that the electoral system was designed to allow the people to speak through their states. The tricky part was making my students understand why that was especially beneficial to small states like ours. I knew that, proportionally, Rhode Islanders have more clout in the presidential election under this system, but I wasn't able to illustrate it dramatically until this year.

When I showed my students the U.S. map, colored red for Governor Bush and blue for you, they finally got it. Anyone can clearly see that the popular vote of only a handful of major cities is almost equal to that of the entire rest of the U.S. Thank God the founding fathers had the wisdom and insight to provide this protection to those of us in small states or sparsely settled areas. The look of shock on my pupils' faces when they realized that public policy could easily be dictated by a handful of the largest and most liberal population centers made me realize that I had them hooked. They could begin to see why Senator-elect Hillary Clinton, in one of her first post-election speeches, promised to fight to abolish the electoral college.

This was too good an opportunity to pass up. Pulling out my well-worn copy of The Federalist Papers, I seized the advantage and began to read from No. 68. "It was also peculiarly desirable to afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder. Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue and corruption," Alexander Hamilton wrote in defense of the electoral college system. As I told my students, you can insert the phrase "in the year 2000 in Florida" throughout this letter and be amazed at Hamilton's gift of prophecy. The spectacle we are now witnessing in your campaign to overturn the election in Florida, Al, is the very thing that our Founding Fathers most feared. Although they couldn't anticipate the advent of television, they were familiar with the harm that an inflamed and largely uninformed populace could wreak. What a tremendous lesson you have provided the youth of our country. No longer are Hamilton, Madison et al "dead white men," incapable of teaching us anything. Rather, they reach out to us through the ages, warning us of "these most deadly adversaries of republican government."

This reminds me of another teaching opportunity you have afforded me. In the past few weeks, you have lectured about your desire to uphold our "democracy," but surely you realize that our government is not a democracy, but a republic. Don't worry about; most of my 10th graders didn't know the difference either until they read The Federalist No.10. In it, James Madison brilliantly outlines the advantages that republics have over democracies, which he deems "spectacles of turbulence and contention."

The founding fathers anticipated the drawbacks to a democracy and instead created a republic because "the public voice pronounced by the representatives of the people will be more consonant to the public good than if pronounced by the people themselves convened for the purpose." Those "spontaneous" demonstrations led and orchestrated by the Rev. Jesse Jackson in Florida are proof of the validity of the founders' concerns.

Still, I must thank you, Al, for the boon you have been to my teaching this year. By continuing to stir up passions in Florida, by dragging out the inevitable, and by convincing segments of the population that they have been wronged at the hands of other groups, you have proved the founders' concerns justified. No need for me to paint a hypothetical picture of the dangers of mob rule; my students can see examples of it on the nightly news.

Finally, Al, you've helped me to get across the most salient aspect of any civics lesson - that a republic is only possible where the people are virtuous. All these years I have lectured, with minimal success, on the fragility of our system of government, stressing the need for wisdom, honor and self-sacrifice among our nation's citizens and leaders. How easy you have made it for me to show my students the dangers of the politics of selfishness, disingenuousness and division. During your election campaign you tried, with some success, to disassociate yourself from your predecessor, who so blatantly tarnished our nation's highest office and was the poster-child for self-absorption.

Since election day, however, you have shown yourself to be even more dangerous: a demagogue. Your win-at-all-costs attitude has resulted in a nation that is deeply divided; violence simmers beneath the surface. My students, indeed all Americans, are contemplating the consequences of electing a man who has admitted he would do anything to win. No matter what happens as a result of this election, Al, your legacy is assured. We will learn the lessons you have taught us.

Carol B. Smith Cranston Ms. (Boissoneau)

Smith is a member of the Tiverton High School Class of 1973.


DP had a bunch of guests (including Charles Krauthammer) discussing the US Supreme Court ruling, which Prager rejoiced in because it rightly humiliated the Florida Supreme Court.


An Open Letter To The Democrats

Dennis Prager writes "An Open Letter To The Democrats" in the November 30, 2000 Wall Street Journal:

You finally made a big mistake.

You probably never thought you would live to see middle America and mainstream Republicans galvanized to resist your ongoing takeover of America. But like other power-hungry groups in history, you didn't know when to hold back. Your party and its standard bearer, Al Gore, have attempted to thwart an election not in the quiet of the night (as in 1960) but in daylight, before the cameras of the world. And finally we have begun to resist.

Most of us have never attended a political demonstration. Most of us are not particularly political, preferring work, family, sports, and communal associations to political activism. But now we are angry. By golly, even Bob Dole is angry. Republicans are actually organizing demonstrations. Such activism is so rare that "conservative activist" is an oxymoron. But for the time being you have changed that. Call it the Chad Revolt. Read on here.

Luke says: Here are excerpts from letters the WSJ received in reply to Prager's essay (the responses mainly divide on partisan lines):

I am a suburban housewife trying to raise a normal, decent family and am not prone to researching articles or political activism. Dennis Prager has hit the nail on the head. He could not be more right about middle America. We are tired of accepting other peoples' morals and taking a backseat for our own point of view. I totally agree with Mr. Prager's words and could not have said it any better. Thank you for printing it and allowing all views to be heard. I will consider this the first step in the beginning of my own alertness and responsiveness. Cindy Mandracchia jmandracchia@earthlink.net

* * * I find Mr. Prager's article straight forward, supported by facts and decent. There are so few examples in mainstream media today that actually represent the views of so many Americans -- the Americans that are not caught up by the inflaming rhetoric routinely disseminated by both the left and the right extremes. I would hope that in a free society, the media pay greater attention and give an appropriate opportunity for a more conservative opinion to be aired. These views are appreciated by at least half of the Americans who care about the information the media convey. In case it is not clear, I suggest that you do not wait until we are in the middle of a very disappointing and unique national circumstance. Ken Humphrey Kshumphrey@aol.com

* * * Received Nov. 30, 2000 This is the most articulate commentary on the Democratic Party and liberalism that I have ever read. This is the one instance I wish you had the same sense of journalistic ethics as The New York Times -- they put their op-ed pieces on the front page and disguise them as fact. Ed Attebury eaa@tbp.com

* * * While reading Mr. Prager's column, I had chills running up and down my spine. He succinctly put into words what a vast majority of us moderate conservatives have felt for a number of years. The final straw that broke the camel's back was what we have witnessed by Al Gore and the Democratic Party since November 8. The only fear I have is that we don't lose the momentum we have built up over the last few weeks. If anyone begins to feel apathetic, all they need to do for inspiration is to re-read Mr. Prager's column. I know I will. Dana Harrell dharrell@bbandt.com

* * * Mr. Prager nailed it. Great article. Ought to be read and taken seriously by all because he truly has captured the sentiments of the quiet majority. Quiet for now... . William B. Colohan it@itinterface.com

* * * Thank you for printing Mr. Prager's letter. I envied his ability to document a number of feelings I can barely verbalize in my day-to-day conversations with friends and co-workers. I will pass it to my daughter at school who called at 1:30 in the morning on election night to scream that "Bush has won...". Unfortunately, the events since that evening have significantly diminished her youthful enthusiasm for politics. Maybe his letter will help her realize what has made America great in the past and the risks of "creeping socialism" in the future. John Schmitz Bloomingdale, Ill.

Gary writes Luke: I want to express my thanks to you for providing a most informative website and to Dennis Prager for his forthright, conviction based, fearless sharing of his views both on radio and in his writings.

I know that I am only one of many, many people who appreciate Dennis for his candor, intelligence and God given ability to communicate to the public what many of us feel deeply in our hearts but who are either unable to communicate as effectively as Dennis and/or do not have the platform to do so.

The open letter to the Democrats that Dennis read last evening moved me deeply. Deep reflections in my own heart conjured up many of the same thoughts, but Dennis was able to so eloquently define what was in my own heart and soul that I found myself rejoicing to realize my frustrations, convictions and concerns were finally verbalized, and also sad to realize that the conditions in our nation are in fact, in such a state as we currently find ourselves. I, like Dennis and many other conservatives am stirred to take up the torch and actively move forward by the grace of God toward restoration of the values and principles upon which our forefathers intended this nation to be firmly founded. No longer will I be willing to sit idly by while the liberals of our society blatantly hack away at and promote the erosion of the values, principles and morals of this nation. If that makes me an activist, then so be it. It is past time for conservatives to make their voice and conscience clear.

Luke says: Click here to vote on the Palm Beach Ballot. And here for The Unseemly Stealing Of Innocence (a Dennis Prager essay).

Gil writes on the Prager List: This piece started with me thinking "well, it's about time DP stopped pulling his punches." And then after all his fuss and fury and mostly right-on setup, what does he do? He delivers the most unforgivably flatulent coup de grace imaginable: "[we] no longer find you intimidating."


Phony and enervating anti-Statism is infuriating. This pig is feeding the media's patently invalid picture that conservative Americans are just angry, not feeling on the verge of actually fighting to change the guard.

Left to his own devices Dennis Prager would actually dampen the just anger and its positive energy by congratulating the angry. The GOP leadership doesn't want the vastly more alarmed American public challenging their control, and this stupidly pointless commentary fosters that desire.

I've been maintaining for too many years now that all along the GOP has been despoiling our native-born distrust for encroaching government by PRETENDING to defend us from the Democratic Party's progressively Statist forces but just dragging their heals and not actively taking us away from that threat. People like Dennis Prager are working for THEM, not us, and this pointlessness supports my theory.

We need no more RepublicRats, Democrat or Republican. If "conservative" spokesmen like DP (a so-called "director of Empower America" no less), would just drop dead, we would be far better off. Angry doesn't even cut anywhere near how I feel about this would-be moral mountain but demoralizing dunce at this moment.


DP talked about the vote in Florida. DP was glad that Republicans finally started demonstrating. DP said it was the first time in his life that he would join a demonstration. Didn't DP organize a demonstration on behalf of Baby Richard?

Regarding Congressman Nadler's use of the term "fascist" to describe the Republican rally, DP thought it was disgusting. Same with the invocation of "holocaust survivors [in Palm Beach] were disenfranchised [because they could not understand the butterfly ballot].

Contrasting the way Richard Nixon conceded in 1960, to Al Gore, DP called the VP a "midget." Coming back from a commercial break, DP seemed to wince on the air for using that adjective to describe Gore. DP uses few such adjectives.

DP interrupted his show to carry Gore's conference call with House Democrats leader Richard Gephardt and Democrats Senate leader Tom Daschle. DP thought it was not classy of Gore to speak to the nation via a conference call. DP still can't get over that there wasn't more outrage about Gore's four second open mouthed kiss of his wife after his big speech at the Democrats Los Angeles convention.

The Democrats talk about the will of the people. Do the Democrats really want the will of the people on partial birth abortion? If they really want the will of the people, then why do they not allow the states to vote on abortion?

Why not allow the will of the people to prevail on bilingual education?

Conservatives generally aren't activists, except for pro-life groups and the NRA. But no matter where you are on the left, the vision is to change society. Rid it of racism, homophobia, sexism, patriarchy, etc...

DP: I'm not saying that the Democrats have done anything unlawful. Just like a guy driving 45 mph in the Left lane is not doing anything against the law. But it is disgusting [because he holds up traffic when the speed limit is 55 or 65 mph].

DP read from and praised this Charles Krauthammer editorial: Take away the lawyers, take away the spinners, take away the demonstrators and you are left with the central conundrum of this election: The margin of victory is smaller than the margin of error of our vote-counting technology. We can never know who really won. Only God knows the location and meaning of every hidden, dimpled, missing or underpunched ballot in all of Florida.

Because we can never know, it is therefore absurd to speak of the "will of the people." It can never be ascertained.

What to do? All we can do in such circumstances is to follow the rules. They may be arbitrary. They may be inadequate. They may be no more likely to produce the divinely inscrutable "will of the people" than a flip of a coin. But the rules are the only fair and legitimate way of deciding such a contest.


Dennis Prager discussed why jews and blacks vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

Those Jews who most get along with non-Jews, and feel the least threatened by Christians, are more likely to vote Republican. Blacks who least fear white racism are the most likely to vote Republican.

Thus Democratcs depend for votes on an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust between the races. And on people staying single. Because women who marry are more likely to vote Republican than single women.


In his third hour, Dennis Prager discussed this Internet column from Paul Begala, who prepped Mr. Gore for his debates with Mr. Bush.

Begala acknowledged that when you look at an electoral map of the United States, you see a sea of red for Mr. Bush, and clots of blue for Mr. Gore.

"But if you look closely at that map you see a more complex picture. You see the state where James Byrd was lynch-dragged behind a pickup truck until his body came apart -- it's red. You see the state where Matthew Shepard was crucified on a split-rail fence for the crime of being gay -- it's red. You see the state where right-wing extremists blew up a federal office building and murdered scores of federal employees -- it's red. The state where an Army private who was thought to be gay was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, and the state where neo-Nazi skinheads murdered two African-Americans because of their skin color, and the state where Bob Jones University spews its anti-Catholic bigotry: they're all red too."

Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal: It was a remarkably hate-filled column, but also a public service in that it revealed what animates Clinton-Gore thinking regarding their opponents: hatred pure and simple, a hatred that used to be hidden and now proudly walks forward. It stands in the living room too.

As does the unstated but implicit message of the hatred: that extraordinary means are understandable when you're trying to save America from the terrible people who would put George W. Bush in the presidency so that they can kill more homosexuals and black men and blow up federal buildings and kill toddlers. Really, if Republicans are so bad it's probably good to steal elections from them, don't you think?


DP: I think that all states should certify for the public what the accuracy rates of machine voting are. What is the error rate?

Then have people do the same thing. Give the error rate of people. Whoever's error rate is higher, you throw away.

We went to machines because it is less likely to have fraud. People get tired, make mistakes...

If people are more accurate than machines, why do we have machines tallying up votes?

I feel that Florida's Secretary of State Katherine Harris will be vindicated.

Gore asked Bush to have a manual count throughout the state and then Gore will give up litigation. As if the ballot counting was up to the campaigns.

Gore thus acknowledges that he is behind all the litigation.

DP: Most conservatives, apart from liberals, just want to be left alone and they want to leave you alone. Liberals wish to reshape America in the image of their values. That is why liberals are always more active. That's why liberals march in the streets. When did you last see conservatives demonstrating?

Caller: Because they'd probably get arrested for having too many white people.

DP: Most conservatives want to retreat from society rather than reshape it. They've given up. When you enter the public school world, it's like entering quicksand.

Most conservatives believe that they are accountable to a moral code outside of them - be it religious, Biblical... Most liberals seem to believe that they are accountable to their own conscience. Thus liberals are more likely to want to tamper with votes.

I used to be ambivalent about the Electoral College. Now I am passionately for it. Otherwise, candidates would only stump in the big states. We only have this electoral deadlock because the Vice President lost his home state.

I fear power. Be that power in the hands of Microsoft, GE or politicians. I fear power consolidated in Washington.

Prager read from today's Wall Street Journal editorial:

Yesterday, we prematurely praised the courage of Democratic County Judge Robert Lee for voting against a complete manual recount of Broward County's 588,000 votes. Judge Lee cast the deciding vote on the county's three-member election commission after a sample recount of Democratic precincts added a mere six votes to Al Gore's total. Judge Lee has now suddenly reversed his vote, and Broward will do a full count. The Los Angeles Times headline explained it best: "Broward Judge Feeling Heat From Political Machine."

To recap: a) we have a county judge intimidated into reversing his decision on a vote count based on an improper opinion from an attorney general who chaired the Gore campaign; b) that same attorney general has been caught trying to influence an elections board; c) counties are hiring $7 an hour temporary workers to help with a recount that will be subjective, standardless and surely sloppy.

There is a silver lining. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, en banc, to hear the Bush campaign's arguments to halt the manual recounts. Whatever the outcome of that decision, there is now a string running from Florida into the higher levels of the federal courts. We suspect that if the appeals court judges keep pulling on that string to take a close look, someone's house of cards may come tumbling down.

Don writes Luke: Not that Dennis needs any protection but your recent reviews of his show and of his mental wellness are a little overboard! Dennis never had a mass following like Rush or Imus because of his obvious religious leanings. To suggest however, that he is losing his mind is absurd. He has become more cynical because the anecdotal evidence of America's moral decline is popping up daily in papers across the country. To deny that, is to deny reality!

As an example, I just got through listening to an Eminem CD my son had borrowed from a friend. Have you listened to that crap? The thought that teenage boys, and girls for that matter, are listening to that is really sad. After lecturing my son about it, he acknowledged that it was disgusting but said, "hey, all the other kids listen to it".

I understand that Dennis can sometimes be a little overwhelming but if you really want to make an intelligent point, show examples of America and American culture that point to a brighter future. You may find that such examples are very hard to come by.


DP accuses the Democrats of trying to manipulate the vote recount in Florida and playing dirty politics.

Eltonfan writes on the Prager List: "I was completely shocked when he refered to the Palm Beach voters as "morons" and "dummies". That kind of insensative behavior was not something that came from Prager several years ago... I wonder if he is trying to compete with the G. Gordon Lidys of the airwaves."

Michael Ledeen, a thinker at the American Enterprise Institute, was Prager's guest in the second hour. Michael and Dennis said they were scared to death by the Democratic activists and lawyers in Florida trying to take the election from Bush.

Michael: A lot of journalists don't like the uniqueness of America and its divided system of power. The power in favor of more state power are going all out to get their hands on the executive branch. And they're resorting to the typical methods of European mass politics - taking to the streets, maneuvering through the courts...

DP: Yes, and it is based on a lie that people in Palm Beach County were disenfranchised. This is a lie, the percentage of invalidated votes is similar to other counties. The Palm Beach vote is not aberrational.

Whereever liberals dominate, there is less freedom (such as college campuses).

DP mentioned today's Wall Street Journal editorial:

It's becoming clearer by the day that Al Gore's decision to contest the Florida presidential election results has opened up Pandora's box. We can only assume the vice president and his fellow Democrats will enjoy living with the demons they've unleashed.

Two counts by machine in Florida have so far favored George W. Bush, not counting the absentee ballots from overseas that could go either way. Yet now Mr. Gore wants a third count, this time by hand and only in heavily Democratic counties. The Bush campaign has sought an injunction to stop this, on the sensible grounds that hand counts allow partisan election officials to "determine the intent of the voter," as the Florida statute puts it.

Watching all this has left us more than a little depressed. We keep recalling President Clinton's famous remark to Dick Morris when the Monica Lewinsky scandal first broke. Mr. Morris had taken a poll and found that if the president publicly admitted his behavior he might have to resign. Mr. Clinton replied, "We'll just have to win then." This same anything-goes ethos is now being applied to election law.


From: Doug Hill: It was pretty clear, and DP said it on his show today, that DP is leaving KABC because they want to go with an all-local format, and Dennis wants to remain in syndication.

SingleMom replies on the Prager List: I didn't find it so clear (hush Chris, keep your ad hominems to yourself). What does an all-local format mean? KABC was filled with national Presidential election talk today - is that all-local format? Will national issues be taboo on KABC starting next week? I doubt it. How can the 2 new morning hosts, transplants from another city, effectively do an all-local format when they are from another town?

I seriously doubt if KABC will restrict the hosts to talk of LA city government, LA freeway chases, LA crime blotter and LA neighborhood festivals. I think the "all-local format" excuse for his departure was convenient for both Prager and KABC.

The national syndication of Prager was transparent to the LA listener. There was never any identification of his broadcast as syndicated or national in scope. Prager carped about LA issues when it served him well. His rantings often began with non-local events as he desperately reached across the land via the news media for any bizarre anomaly to justify his attacks. One of his favorites was/is to find a news article about a goofy local school district decision followed by a thundering attack on schools, teachers' unions, liberals and Democrats about how this (fill in the blank) portended the end of the society. This predictable daily dose of morose kvetching grew tired over the last few years, as Shannon so eloquently pointed out.

An example would be a show where he moaned and gnashed about a high school student, in Massachusetts I believe, who was male but wanted to wear women's clothing to school. Prager acted as if every male student in every high school in America would don a dress tomorrow now that someone in Massachusetts wanted to do it and the teachers, teachers' unions, liberals and Democrats would be there to straighten their straps.

It's possible that Prager is slipping gently into mental illness and KABC has kindly and respecfullly nudged him out. KIEV is a well known LA graveyard for disturbed radio "talent" e.g. Putnam, Dornan, Masters. The "all-local format" is a false but palatable excuse. If KABC talk show hosts talk about nothing but LA issues next week, then I am wrong. But if national issues or issues in other parts of the state are discussed, then Prager's "all-local format" explanation is bogus.

So you're saying he was nudged out of KABC after being dumped by his syndicator, picked up by a Christian syndicator (natch) and propped up in their crackerbarrel AM radio operation next to an amazing tableau of lifelike LA washed up talk "talent" (George Putnam, "B1 Bob" Dornan and the amazing Roy Masters)

One good thing for Prager - having Uri Geller and his "powers" as a guest will help his KIEV performance review. "Hey Boss, Get in here! He's bending spoons with his brain!!"

"Brilliant Dennis! This is better than the Roy Masters Basic Meditation Pack ($59.95 includes shipping and handling) Who cares if KIEV host and Dennis Prager peer and colleague Roy Masters is leaving Earth on a flying saucer. Dennis Prager knows Uri Geller and has him as a guest bending spoons with his brain in our studio! Excellent!"

For more info on KIEV host and Dennis Prager colleague Roy Masters see ---> http://roymasters.com/

Be strong Chris. Huckster Prager is in a better place, a better place to sell his schlock and knowledge of how to fix the world's moral compass, available ONLY to buyers of - The Prager Perspective.

Shannon writes: Dunno about "gently," I caught a quick burst of him on Thursday...Lawd have mercy! This is the guy that wrote a book on happiness? I could almost hear the dried spittle whitening in the corners of his mouth. Funny how religionists like Prager often wax loquaciously about the contentment that god-faith brings, yet so often is it that their piety is little more than a veil for resentment and rage. Still, I have to confess, that considering that my man Michael Jackson seems set to abandon the morning airwaves shortly too, I am not certain to whom I will end up listening. Rush is out of the question, and unless Prager's replacements surprise me, I doubt they will catch my ear either. Hey I got an idea SingleMom, how bout me and you do a double act.


From DennisPrager.com: "If you live in the Los Angeles area, beginning Monday, November 13th or November 20th you will be able to listen to the Dennis Prager Show on KIEV 870 AM from 9AM - Noon. The show remains in syndication and there will be no changes to all stations outside the Los Angeles area. After more than 18 years at KABC, it is quite an emotional farewell for Dennis and the programming and sales staff at KABC. KABC has chosen at this time to go to an all local format without daytime syndicated shows. Dennis understands their position but he has many listeners enjoying his show on about 40 stations across the country and looks forward to continuing the show in syndication and watching it grow as additional affiliates join each week. He has had, and continues to have, a wonderful relationship with KABC and wishes them well as he says good-bye and looks forward to his new beginnings at KIEV 870 AM."

Democracts & The Single Woman

Dennis Prager writes for the National Review. Here's an excerpt: One explanation is that the Democratic party offers itself and the government as the protector of, and provider for, millions of single women. The Democratic party offers its governance as a surrogate husband and it is so regarded by many unmarried women. Most women have a primal desire to be protected, and, if they have children, to have their children protected.

To make this observation is neither insulting nor sexist, any more than it would be insulting or sexist to speak of men as being innately more physically aggressive or less naturally inclined to monogamous commitment. Whether because of evolution, socialization, nature , divine design, or an amalgam of all of these, women have a powerful need to feel secure (the shift of American priorities from liberty to security can be regarded as one example of the feminization of American society). For the vast majority of women in history this need was met through marriage. That is why almost no woman marries "down." Virtually every woman wants a man who meets her primal desire for a protector/provider. This is why it is often so difficult for a professionally successful woman to find a mate. There are few single men more successful than she is, and most of those men are quite happy (indeed often prefer) to marry women who are far less successful than they are.

The Democratic party regularly uses the rhetoric and offers the promises of a protecting husband: "I will take care of you"; "I will fight for you"; "I will fight for your children." We will provide your child's health care, we will provide day care, we will provide pre-school education. We will do most everything for you and your children that a husband would. This has long been viewed as one of the reasons for the absent husbands and fathers that plague the black inner city the need for them has been reduced thanks to welfare and government.


From Dennisprager.com:

These are Dennis's recommendations regarding the California State Measures and the County and City Measures where he votes. For arguments for and against these measures, please refer to the California Official Voter Information Guide. These are posted for one day only - today Monday, November 5, 2000.


32: NO
33: NO
34: YES
35: YES
36: NO
37: YES
38: YES
39: NO


Chris writes on the Prager List: >I think Single Mom said it best. Why in the world would he leave KABC >and go to KIEV, the lowest rated commercial radio station in southern >California?

Well, genius, it reads from their own website that KABC themselves SAID they wanted him to stay and were unable to work it out.

Truth is, you have no bloody clue what you are talking about, and posted a flagrant, baseless lie ANYWAY. Ever imagine you may not know everything about the entire complicated issues often involved in the syndication of a radio show??

Unwedmom is a notorious idiot, who has no clue what she is ever talking about, despite believing she does. That you consider her as having said ANYTHING best is a strong indication of your intellectual prowess.

SingleMom writes on the Prager List: Hi Chris!!!! Good to see you're still around and haven't been "relocated" like Big D.

Golly gee - are you saying that what is written on a website is always true? C'mon Chris, do you think KABC would air the dirty laundry surrounding l'affaire Prager? Does any radio station ever tell the real deal about their aborted (so to speak) personalities? After right wing social experimenter and axed KABC Program Director Drew Hayes was "disappeared" the AlefBeis was on the wall.

Chris - wake up and smell the new hosts on KABC. The Pragester got the boot and as Shannon so eloquently explained, it had to do with his daily carping, daily delivery of anger, unsubstantiated attacks on groups he disliked and a bizarre and morose pining for an America that never was. There was more bile in Prager's hilariously misnamed "happy hour" than in any sig alert. Talk radio is meant to be entertaining and fun - like you ; )

I think the god you slavishly worship, divorced defender of marriage Dennis Prager, would identify your calling me an "idiot" as an ad hominem attack. This is not permitted in holy Pragerlandia - bad Pragerian, bad!!!

Still hoping you and I can sit down at the Fourth of July Seder someday and share bitter herbs 'cause... you're fun!!


DP talked about Andrew Sullivan, a centrist homosexual who used to edit The New Republic. The Advocate, a gay magazine, refuses to publish Sullivan because he criticized The Advocate's fawning interview of Bill Clinton.

Sullivan points out that The Advocate and the gay press in general are not yet ready for prime time. They're in the thrall of leftist activists.

DP extended this observation to feminist and minority organizations. They've been captured by the left, and owe their primary allegiance to leftist values rather than the homosexuals, women and minorities they profess to represent.

Prager Axed From KABC, Moves To Smaller KIEV In Los Angeles

CAMARILLO, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Salem Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: SALM), the leading provider of Christian-oriented radio, electronic and printed resources, announced that the Salem Radio Network (SRN) will become the new national syndicator for The Dennis Prager Show.

Salem Communication's Los Angeles conservative talk station KIEV-AM 870 will become the flagship station for the popular talk show host. Prager, who has been in Los Angeles on KABC-AM for the past 18 years, will begin his program on KIEV-AM on Monday, November 13. His show will air from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT, five days a week.

SRN takes over as national syndicator on January 1, 2001. Prager's current syndicator, Jones Radio Network (JRN), will cease syndication on December 29, 2000. Prager's show will be available through Salem Communication's website, www.OnePlace.com.

"We are very pleased to have acquired The Dennis Prager Show," said Greg Anderson, President of SRN. "Dennis is a proven winner nationally and in Los Angeles. His ratings track record and his moral perspectives on family and cultural values make him a natural fit for SRN. The Dennis Prager Show is an important addition to our growing menu of compelling syndicated talk."

Commented Dave Armstrong, Vice President of Operations for Salem Communications and General Manager for KIEV: "Dennis Prager is among the most compelling and respected talk show hosts in Los Angeles and throughout the country. It is a remarkable triumph for KIEV-AM to add him to our programming line-up. I look forward to his listeners moving with him to KIEV, and know that our current listeners are going to welcome him with great enthusiasm."

Prager has been broadcasting on radio in Los Angeles since 1982. His popular show became nationally syndicated in 1999. Called, "one of the ten most powerful people in Los Angeles" by Buzz Magazine, Prager is known for his unique brand of provocative conservative talk from a Judeo-Christian perspective. He has appeared on "Larry King Live," "Politically Incorrect," "The O'Reilly Factor," "Hannity & Colmes" and other national television shows. He is an author whose most recent book, "Happiness Is A Serious Problem," rose to #1 on the Los Angeles Time best-seller list in 1998.

"I am very grateful for and very excited about the opportunity given to me by the Salem Radio Network to bring my ideas and values to listeners across America. I also very much look forward to working with my wonderful colleagues at KIEV in Los Angeles in continuing the building of that station into one of America's preeminent radio stations," said Prager.

SRN provides news and programming to nearly 1,400 radio stations nationwide. Its daily syndicated talk shows include The Michael Medved Show, The Hugh Hewitt Show, Janet Parshall's America, Tim Kimmel Live and The Cal Thomas Commentary. KIEV-AM 870 is one of four radio stations owned by Salem Communications in the Los Angeles market. KKLA-FM and KEZY-AM program Christian talk radio and KFSH-FM was recently launched in the Los Angeles/Orange County market with the Contemporary Christian music format. KIEV's talk line-up includes Hugh Hewitt, Bob Dornan, George Putnam, Michael Medved and Larry Marino.

Salem Communications Corporation is headquartered in Camarillo, California. Upon the close of all announced transactions, the company will own and/or operate 73 radio stations, including 52 stations in the top 25 markets. In addition to its radio properties, Salem owns the Salem Radio Network, which syndicates talk programming, news and music to nearly 1,400 affiliated radio stations throughout the United States; OnePlace.com, the online division of Salem Communications; and CCM Communications, the leading publisher of contemporary Christian music trade and consumer publications.

Shannon writes: Moralist, philosopher, deep thinker, God's right hand man, purveyor of happiness and possesor of all his own hair, Dennis Prager tolls his last bell at KABC on Nov 10. Dennis joins maverick station KIEV, a station which those in the know feel best suits Dennis' style. He also goes in to national syndication January 2001.

From Orange County Register: "Dennis Prager is leaving KABC/790 AM after 18 years to join crosstown rival KIEV/870 AM. His final KABC show is Nov. 10. Prager, whose program offers a moral perspective on human relations, family and politics, will be on 9 a.m.-noon on KIEV starting Nov. 13 and will be in national syndication by January. He will take the slot held by Bob Dornan's syndicated show, which is being dropped by the station. On Nov. 13, KABC is moving afternoon personality Al Rantel to 10 a.m.-1 p.m., and adding the team of Gloria Allred and Mark Taylor 1-3 p.m."

Guard writes on alt.radio.talk: BWAHAHAHAHA Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! KIEV is the lowest rated talk station in a major market in the US. Perhaps you can find a job at a tobacco shop. Made my day.

Chris asks: Are you certain that he was let go rather than chose to leave?

Singlemom replies: Hmmmm... Let's see. A move from the (once) prestigious KABC, ABC Radio and the Disney organization to the 20,000 watts LA radio home of crackpots Ray Putnam, Bob Dornam and Roy Masters. Hmmmm. Voluntary or involuntary....? What do you think Chris?

Shannon writes on the Prager List: Dennis jumped before he was pushed...even most of his ardent supporters recognize this. Towards the end, his was a tough product to sell: Morose sentimentalism underscored by the intractable dirge of religionist angst and dogma. Talk radio functions primarily as entertainment, and for most of his time at the station, Prager managed to pull this off to a substantial degree. Skillfully merging intellectual and thought provoking ideas into a medium dominated by shtick, Pragers 18 year tenure at KABC speak volumes about his resilience. Unfortunately, the Dennis Prager Show eventually became a monotonous self-parody of pedantic bitterness and anger. No longer bright and challenging, Prager's last 4 years marked a show underpinned by the principal of opponent baiting and the juvenile caricaturing of ideological adversaries that became his show's stock in trade. I don't wish Dennis any ill will, on the contrary I hope he finds success at his new station. I just hope he can find within him the humility and wisdom to understand and acknowledge that truth, decency and happiness are not owned and revealed only by Dennis Prager and the groups and affiliations to which he subscribes.

Oct 31, 2000

DP finally tackled the Al Gore on Rolling Stone issue. How the cover was cropped to cover his purported erection. DP thinks that Gore and Clinton are a disgrace to the dignity of their offices.

LaTimes.com: Radio personality Dennis Prager will speak on the Middle East crisis at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the North County Chabad Center. The talk is the first in a series of lectures. Tickets are $20 per lecture or $36 for the series. The center is at 19045 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda. (714) 693-0770.

Oct 30, 2000

DP read excerpts from Sunday's NY Times piece on George Bush, which praised his intelligence. Bush has avoided scandals and is a man with a rudder. He tells audiences what he thinks, not what they want to hear. And Bush refused to buckle to special interests, such as evangelical Christians who wanted him to pardon Karla Faye Tucker, the axe murderer turned born again Christian.

Here are excerpts from the article:

He has avoided scandal and is more willing than many candidates to tell audiences what he thinks rather than what the listeners want to hear. Likewise, for all his success in raising campaign money, he never turned the governor's office into a funds factory.

While he invited many people to sleep over in the Texas governor's mansion, just as President Clinton did at the White House, there is no sign that the Texas visits were rewards for campaign contributors.

Moreover, Mr. Bush's speeches and correspondence obtained after requests under the Texas public information law suggested that Mr. Bush had core principles that went beyond political expediency. In speaking to Republican groups during the early primaries, for example, Mr. Bush routinely suggested that "the hardest job in America" was that of a single mother.

Such lines puzzled conservative audiences and seemed to come from his heart, not his pollsters.

In early 1998, there was tremendous pressure on Mr. Bush to grant a reprieve to Karla Faye Tucker, a murderer who had later married a prison chaplain and become a born-again Christian.

Mrs. Tucker appeared so remorseful and so pious that conservatives who usually supported the death penalty called loudly on Mr. Bush to grant a reprieve, warning that his presidential bid would suffer if he did not.

Among the correspondence obtained under the Texas law is a fax to the governor from Mr. Wead, the former aide who also wrote the memo urging Mr. Bush to run for the White House. Mr. Wead, who has been a link between Mr. Bush and evangelical Christians, began:

"My fax machine has been running all night. The phone rings as soon as it is cradled. Anger and fear over Karla Faye. Great sadness. Deep emotion. This one is going to stick to you."

"You are losing the Robertson crowd over this," Mr. Wead added, referring to supporters of Pat Robertson, the Christian leader and former presidential candidate. "Impact Iowa."

Mr. Wead warned: "You must have evangelicals to win the Republican nomination," and he added as a conclusion that going ahead with the execution would mean: "You don't look tough, you look insensitive. Grant the thirty-day reprieve. Gauge the reaction. Move on from there."

Mr. Bush comes across as someone with a personal rudder in life. His priority is his family, not his politics, and since entering public life he has avoided scandal and pandering.

Luke says: Dennis Prager said: "One of the reasons I could not run for public office is that I hate saying the same things over and over."

As someone who has listened to hundreds of hours of Prager lectures and radio shows, I can assure you that he frequently says things over and over. I've frequently attended his lectures where he has not said one new thing. I bet he's given an identical lecture on happiness hundreds of times.

DP loves it that George Bush has not devoted his life to politics.

Then in his second hour, Prager gave his annual talk on why he dislikes Halloween, and how he disagrees with its rise while meaningful holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas are less observed. DP does not like public celebration of death and gore.

In the third hour, DP ridiculed the sentiments of an Oregon trucker who told VP nominee Joe Lieberman that he was voting for Nader in case his child asked him, 'what are you doing about species going extinct?' DP thinks we have greater concerns than species going extinct, such as Iraq's Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons.

Nelson writes on alt.radio.talk: Prager spent much of his show yesterday reading what seemed to be a puff piece on Bush from the Times. Throughout the show, Prager CONSTANTLY reminded listeners that the article he was quoting was from the "liberal" NY Times, not a right wing publication........one might ask that if, after saying that so many times, it might POSSIBLY sink in to Prager's cement like head that either the Times ISN'T as liberal and slanted as he thinks or at the very least that, for the Times to publish such an article a week or so before the election, just maybe they AREN'T actually obsessed with conspiring to ensure that Gore gets elected. This, of course, is one of Prager's constant theories on his more paranoid days. I'm sure that it's way too much to ask for Prager to actually listen to his own BS and get a clue.

Oct 27

Dennis Prager spent the 40th anniversary of KABC broadcasting from the Museum of TV and Radio in Beverly Hills (hosts Al Rantel and Larry Elder followed DP at the museum). DP reminisced on his 18 years at the station. He interviewed folks who'd worked at KABC for as long as 30 years. Former station manager George Green and former morning host Ken Minyard stopped by and talked.

DP says he's enjoyed most of his time at the station. The main exception was in the first couple of years of Disney's takeover (1994-96).

Oct 26, 2000

Dennis Prager opened with this article by media reporter Howard Kurtz in today's Washington Post:

The gloves are really off now.

Faced with the very real possibility that George W. Bush could win the White House in 12 days, some left-leaning journalists are flat-out calling him dumb--and blaming the press for not persuading the country of his utter unsuitability.

The question of Bush's IQ has been a campaign subtext ever since he flunked a Boston TV reporter's quiz on foreign leaders. But now, with the election on the line, some of Bush's critics have come out of the closet to advertise their disdain.

Slate Editor Michael Kinsley writes that "journalists' reluctance to call someone who may well be our next commander in chief a moron is understandable. But if George W. Bush isn't a moron, he is a man of impressive intellectual dishonesty and/or confusion."

Author Todd Gitlin says in Salon that "Bush gives ample evidence that he does not reason. . . . Bush has gotten a pass on most of his slipshod ways," while journalists are "embarrassed to point fingers at a nonentity who is within two weeks of the presidency."

In the International Herald Tribune, former assistant editor Hope Keller declares: "Most American political commentators today are so timid, so mealymouthed, so committed to a distorted ethic of fairness that they are unable to state the obvious about George W. Bush: that he is unfit to be president."

Come on, tell us what you really think.

Dennis Prager comments: Where does this idea come from that George W. Bush is not bright? He got better academic marks than Gore. He had better SATs than Gore and Bill Bradley. He got an MBA from Harvard. Bush served as a fighter pilot.

George Will writes similarly in today's Washington Post:

"You've spent a quarter-century in public service and have worked a lot on these issues, obviously have mastered a lot of details of them. When you look across the stage, are you frustrated at all?"

--Question to Al Gore, after the third debate, on ABC's "Good Morning America"

Clawed by such questions (or are they genuflections?) from the tigers of the media, Al Gore knows his message is getting through. It is getting through the media in their role as his campaign's megaphones. The distilled essence of his campaign is:

Voters, I am going to speak slowly so you can follow this. You simply have no choice. You must vote for me because my opponent is an imbecile.

For example, George W. Bush's principal foreign policy adviser, Condoleezza Rice, says Bush favors termination of the U.S. peacekeeping role in the Balkans. Surely this is an idea about which intelligent people can differ. However, Gore responds that the idea is indicative of a failure of "understanding." His implication is that Bush (and presumably Rice, former provost of Stanford) cannot fathom serious matters.

The "Good Morning America" question implicitly commends Gore for being such a good sport about the intellectual slumming involved in debating the doltish two-term governor of the second-most populous state.

Dennis Prager: We have confused mastery of data with wisdom.

Many parents value intelligence at the expense of character. They spend more effort to see that their kids are bright, and good students, than good character. Do they care more for brilliant kids or good kids?

A caller claimed that Bush said Nigeria was a continent. The caller referred to a Time magazine article. Prager found it. Time writer Margaret Carlson said Bush referred to Nigeria as a continent.

DP found the section of the second debate where Bush discussed Nigeria and he clearly did NOT refer to it as a continent. Will Carlson and Time apologize for their false charge?

In his third hour, Prager discussed the WNFL - the new women's football league (discussed in the New York Times). Why give up three hours to watch women play football? A college mens game would be of higher quality. Who watches the WNBA - women's pro basketball league? They use a smaller basketball, bring in the 3 point line, etc... They've dumbed it down for women.

What animates this new women's football league? Just a female desire to run and tackle? To show that women can do anything men can do?

Boys will get together and immediately have a football game. Do girls? Do they instinctively scrimmage?

If we have women pro football, do men become cheerleaders?

A caller said she'd go to give moral support.

DP: We give moral support to the Special Olympics. Why offer moral support to women's pro football? Do they deserve moral support?

From (Tomm) Looneynews.com:

Carol Ramos, former morning drive KABC radio newsperson, was fired last Friday -- along with morning drive team of John & Ken. Monday, in a long rant on a popular LA radio gossip website, Ramos flatly accused the station of firing her because she is a liberal lipstick Latina!

"It had more to do with the station being uncomfortable with a host who was female, Hispanic and liberal," Ramos bluntly charged, in a long rant on the website. Incidentally -- The man who fired Ramos, KABC PD Erik Braverman, is openly gay, openly half-Hispanic and openly half-liberal.

During recent years, KABC morning drive has been to LA radio what the CBS Morning News has been to television ... Lots of hosts, lots of investments, lots of hoopla -- no ratings. It seems as though the trouble at KABC during the mornings has been ratings and inconsistancy, rather than gender and ethnicity.

"Carol must be unaware that, behind her back, her nickname was 'comedy cancer,' said one former co-worker. "We used to call her that -- and 'bit killer.' "

Loon-Emailed yet another KABCer. "She read the news. I never heard an opinion. She doesn't' have any sort of Hispanic accent. I only knew she was female. Ironically, (KABC's midday talker) Dennis Prager did a show last week where he wanted to speak to employers who were open to hiring minorities, but didn't want to out of fear they'd holler racism if they were let go! Dennis has to be smirking at this accusation right now on the part of Carol."

Oct 25, 2000

In his first hour, DP discussed campus laws sexual harassment. This society is more sexualized than ever, P notes, with more laws than ever about hetero sexual congress.

Prager discussed a new book by a Yale psychologist which opposes couples automatically breaking up after an affair. Instead, the couple should stay and grapple with the issues that led to the affair.

The point of a value system is to think things through first. The time for you to decide on these values is now, not when the affair happens. Think about what part is ego and what part is a real value system.

XXX writes Luke: You like usenet because it provides grist for your mill, but the fact remains, there are few people who can argue on DP's plane and make it entertaining. Even DP can't do that well -- witness his cutting off too many calls. If there was a way for you to provide an outlet for callers to complete their arguments that DP cuts off, you'd really have a hit.

Luke: They can, they can email me their points. Email Luke Ford.

XXX replies: 1)but they need to know you're there. and 2) you need to edit out the jerks like you publish now. Nobody who is seriously disagreeing with DP wants to be found in the company of fools.

i see the usenet people as those who resent anyone suggesting to others that they CAN live up to principle. Cynics cannot stand the thought that everyone else isn't also cynical. so they snipe at DP. people like me are pissed at DP because he fails too often to be better than he is -- and his attempts to hide from that failure. U could force him to face it if you did what i'm suggesting.

after u have your site working, you send the criticisms to DP. and here's the best part... for each item he fails to respond on, you post the number of days he has failed to address the issue.

Surfer writes on alt.radio.talk: I kind of like Ken and John.... But anything that cuts down on the windbag is a blessing (as the windbag would say with his constant proselatyzing)... Finally a little less: Lectures on goodness. smoking is good for you. smoking is better for kids than watching TV. There has to be a higher intelligence... ugh.. how boring to think we are controlled by some imaginary supernatural puppet master. Bush will not hurt the pro-choice laws.... Bush will not hurt ru486. Bush will not hurt stem cell research. Bush really is better at foreign intrigue than he shows... Cutting people off when they are about to put him on the spot.

Agrijag writes on alt.radio.talk: I know that your idol, Dennis Prager, constantly claims that this is the case, but I'm afraid it just isn't true. The "A-rabs", as you so quaintly put it, were living on that land until the Jewish immigrants outnumbered them and basically voted them out of their homes. Palestinians, even Israeli Palestinians, can't travel freely in their own country or enjoy the same basic rights as Jews in Israel. Israel has employed terrorist hit squads, which someone like Prager would call "commandos", to enter Palestinian villages and kill troublemakers (people who organize demonstrations, speak out against Israel, etc.)

Israel is not without blame in this situation. Indeed, they've brought this fanatical hatred upon themselves, much as the goverment in South Africa did during Apartheid, through their oppression of the Palestinians.

PragerFan writes on alt.radio.talk: People don't listen to talk radio to hear how Peter Tilden's fish bowl shook in the last earthquake. The problem with John and Ken was that they were not "in your face" enough. It's very obvious that KABC told them to tone down when they started at KABC and to have on more guests. The format sucked big time with john sounding like he was on tranqualizers and doing namby pamby type interviews as opposed to when he was on KFI where he would get the guests to hang up on them. Again, the station is much more to blame here than are the hosts. Why don't you try listening to KABC's sister station KGO in S.F. That's really in your face radio - and it's the highest rated radio station in San Francisco. I'm begining to wonder if KABC will ever learn how to run a talk station.

Sgil replies: Luke -- PragerFan ought to know that it's KSFO, not KGO. KGO and KSFO are across the hall from each other, but it's the "Hot Talk 560, KSFO" that is the conservative rage in the liberal bay area, not the liberal KGO. They could, indeed, teach KABC a lesson or two. Internet connection can prove that point well.

They [KSFO560.com] recently shook up their lineup and replaced two local favorites with Rush & Dr. Laura. As a result they skyrocketed their morning program's ratings when early listeners to Rush heard them for the 1st time... Meanwhile, Michael Savage's program, which they were using as their linchpin, has gone to the fastest growing national talk radio. After listening to Savage, it becomes clear where DP could improve.

Oct 24

Prager hosted Larry Elder, the black libertarian talkshow host that Prager bought into KABC radio.

Oct 23, 2000

DP opened like he often does, decrying airline deregulation and poor service. On his Sunday flight from New York to Los Angeles, the airlines forgot to load enough meals.

Prager sat next to a New York lefty on the flight. The guy knew who Prager was. But they agreed on distrust of big business. DP told the man that he hated big business as much as the most radical socialist. He simply did not trust big government either.

Then Prager mentioned the riots and killings in Libya of black Africans by native Libyans. Tens of thousands of Africans have been tortured and murdered yet it does not garner as much news as the shooting of a Palestinian. Why? The news media and American black activist groups don't care much about what happens to blacks, unless the evil is done by whites.

In his second hour, Prager discussed this New York Times article:

It's only October, but already Nicky Beldoch is exhibiting symptoms of student ennui. The other day, when his mother asked him the best thing about school, he said lunch. Most boring? Art history.

No surprise, given that he has homework every night and has been anxious about an oral report he has to deliver in science.

But Nicky is 5, and he is in kindergarten. And while his mother, naturally, says that he is smarter than the average kindergartner, his day at Public School 9 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan looks much like the average day in kindergartens across the country.

Once an idyll of graham crackers, fingerpainting and naps, the "children's garden" has become a thicket of academic challenges, a result of increased state testing in the elementary grades that demands students know more, sooner. States and school districts are writing formal curriculums for kindergarten, requiring students to learn skills like simple addition and reading that once were taught in first grade.

DP returned to his frequent theme about the robbing of childhood.

In his final hour, Prager decried the triumph of business values in baseball, which DP described as an American institution. DP says the Yankees keep winning because their huge earnings allow them to carry a huge payroll of talent. Some individual players for the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers earn more money than the entire Minnessota Twins baseball team.

Shannon writes on the Prager List: John and Ken [morning hosts just fired from KAB] just weren't miserable enough for KABC. I have to laugh though, these two have burned any bridges they may have had at the old station. When they joined KABC, they unflinchingly slagged off KFI and its management. It will be a hoot to see where they end up... Billings Montana here we come boys. It was fairly obvoious to anyone that listened to John and Ken towards the end of their tenure at KABC that their show had been castrated by management in the quest for a new softer gentler KABC. As for Prager, his days are numbered at the station...they'll do a Michael Jackson on him...first they'll cut his show hours, then they'll move him to obscure timeslots, then they'll give him the big E. I have not noticed any discussion of issues he has raised on his show of late on the Prager-L list newsgroup list. Is this perhaps indicative of the fact that his issues are irrelavant and his show mundane? Another chapter passes as KABC rolls relentlesly towards becoming an elevator music station.

Marc Galindo made this post yesterday to alt.radio.talk: "I received an e-mail from [radio columnist] Tomm Looney this morning stating that Prager's show had been cut to two hours (on KABC - I don't know about his syndication deal). I wish KABC would dump him altogether and bring back Joe Crummey or Stephanie Miller."