Evan Gahr of Chimpstein.com
August 3, 2004

"When were you born?"

He chuckles. "I don't want to tell you."

I guess it was around 1966.

"Where did you grow up?"

"New York. Upper East Side."

"I read on your site that your father's a doctor. I think I've read everything on your site."

"Did that make sense to you?"

"It could do with some cleaning up and some unironic posting."

Later, I checked with Dictionary.com and find that "unironic" is not a word. I'd read it on theOnion.com, so I thought it must be true:

Ironic Porn Purchase Leads To Unironic Ejaculation

WINNETKA, IL—A local man's ironic purchase of a humorously titled hardcore-porn video Saturday led to a sincere, earnest ejaculation devoid of any irony whatsoever.

"Some what posting?"


"I don't know what that word means."

"It's the opposite of ironic. Saying it flatly. You should tell your story in an AP style."

"You're right. The thing I didn't get across was that Michael Horowitz lied to him [Evan's dad Herbert M. Gahr, MD a.k.a. self-described low class Jew from the Bronx]. Michael told two people that Hudson was wrong but he told my father that Hudson was justified. But that's a good word."

Evan Gahr was fired from the conservative Hudson Institute in April 2001. Here's the Washington Jewish Week (by Eric Fingerhut) May 2001 report devoid of all irony and ejaculation:

Do conservatives have a speech code? Will they refuse to tell the truth about one of their own if the truth is uncomfortable? Evan Gahr thinks so. Gahr has been fired from his job as a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, only a few weeks after calling longtime conservative activist Paul Weyrich a "demented anti-Semite" because of an Easter column in which Weyrich blamed Jews for killing Jesus.

Officials at the Hudson Institute angrily deny that Gahr's termination had anything to do with his statements about Weyrich, saying that the think tank does not apply a litmus test to anyone's views. Institute vice president and Washington office director Ken Weinstein said Gahr's termination was an internal personnel matter and that his immediate supervisor found it "impossible" to continue working with him. And the group's president, Herb London, said Gahr has acted in an "unprofessional way" by using curse words in an interview with The Washington Post -- words that were not printed, but replaced by "bleep." London also cited Gahr's "bizarre behavior" in a televised debate with conservative writer David Horowitz, in which he used stuffed animals, including a chimp named Louis E. Chimpstein, as props to make some of his arguments.

"The only bizarre behavior is Hudson's apparent willingness to implicitly paint Weyrich as the most righteous gentile since Raoul Wallenberg," said Gahr. "I was the Hudson Institute's golden boy until I publicized the odious words of Paul Weyrich," whom his immediate supervisor, conservative columnist Mona Charen, "considers a friend."

"Is that why after months of praising my work and being asked to write a chapter in her book, she now finds me impossible to work with?" Charen did not return a call seeking comment. Gahr accuses his bosses at the Hudson Institute of "carrying water" for Weyrich, and points out that no other prominent Jewish conservative -- or non-Jewish conservative -- has sided with Gahr.

London, who said he had written letters to Weyrich and Horowitz stating that Gahr's views were his alone and not the views of the Hudson Institute, said he was "not in a position to defend Weyrich," but he had "never seen any evidence of anti-Semitism" on the part of Weyrich. Meanwhile, Gahr is considering legal action.

"How many siblings do you have?"

"One sister. She's a doctor. She's younger."

"Did you go to private schools?"

"Private. Columbia Prep. Other journalists who graduated were Jeff Toobin, Andrew Rosenthal (son of Abe), Nat Hentoff's daughter, and of course the avuncular and genial John Podhoretz."

"What clique were you in in high school?"

"We only had 46 students in the class. We were too small to have cliques. We had groups."

"What group were you in?"

"Just a bunch of guys who were not in the swimming team."


"University of Pennsylvania. History major."

"You graduated what year?"

"I don't want to tell you. I like to keep my age a secret."

I bet it was around 1988.

Evan has never been married and never had kids.

"Did you read that Mona [Charen] thought I'm gay?"

"Have you ever batted from the other side of the plate?"

"No. I don't mind if she thinks I'm gay so long as she doesn't think I'm a Jewish conservative."

"How were you raised religiously?"

"In one sense, I call it shiksadox, meaning don't marry one, but you can violate the other rules. That's unfair to my mother, father and grandmother. They clearly instilled in me an important sense of Jewishness, otherwise I wouldn't be doing some of the things I do."

"How often did you go to synagogue during the year?"

"Just on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur."

"Do you and your parents believe in God?"


"Were you in any Zionist youth groups?"

"No, I wasn't involved in any of that stuff. In high school, I was pretty concerned with Israel."

Evan's parents are conservative Democrats. "My father still calls feminists 'women's libbers,' even though that slang went out in the 1970s."

"You're a rich kid."

"Everybody at school had money but nobody had the need to flaunt it.

"After college, I trained at the National Catholic Reporter in Washington D.C. It's a leftist paper based in Kansas City."

Evan voted for Reagan in 1984 and George Bush in 1988. In 1992, 1996, and 2000, he voted for Ralph Nader. "I still think in some ways I'm conservative. The people I've gone after have defiled conservative values. I go after people on their own conservative nostrums. They say they want public shaming when someone does something wrong. I do my own version of public shaming by humiliating them via mass email and they can't stand it."

"Do you think Ralph Nader is an anti-Semite?"

"It's a stupid and useless question to ask if anyone is an anti-Semite."

"How do you feel about him referring to the Whitehouse and Congress as puppets of the Israeli government? And that Israelis control and coerce American officials?"

Long pause. "I guess it's obnoxious. I think Israel can take care of itself. I don't think it has to be all quivering when someone insults it."

"Do you believe that Israel has a right to exist?"


"I was at the National Catholic Reporter for six months. Then I went up to John Podhoretz and said that I had gone to the same high school as him. I did one article making fun of all-women health clubs. They're illegal but no one cares. Then he hired me for Insight Magazine [from August 1991 to January 1995]."

"That's the Moonie funded thing?"

"Yeah, but people say that less and less, especially with the Washington Times [also funded by the Unification Church].

"Insight was wonderful. I had never been surrounded by so many like-minded people. It was so exciting being around people I had only read about in The New York Times. I was so ecstatic I didn't even get a bed for six months. I just used this mattress on the floor in Roslyn."

"What was your beat?"

"Liberal bashing. That's what I did for ten years straight until my thought crimes against humanity. I broke the house bank story a month after I was there. Then Roll Call stole it. In 1992, I broke my Hillary - PLO story. I reported that when she was at the New World Foundation [leftist], she had funded PLO front groups. I gave it to the Washington Times. They did an editorial. Then Seth Lipsky's Forward did a story. Then Eric Breindel at the New York Post did a big editorial. It meant the whole world to me to pick up the New York Post and read that 'Now Evan Gahr at Insight Magazine reports...'

"After Insight, I went to the New York Post editorial page to work for Breindel. I wrote editorials and a press column."

"What work were you best known for at the New York Post?"

"Liberal bashing. Going after Al Sharpton. The New York Times for being soft on commies. That kind of thing."

"How long were you at the Post?"

"Two years."

"Good experience?"

"Yeah. I tell people that I used to work for Eric Breindel and sometimes feel like I still do. I try to emulate him every day. When I did the AFM (Alliance For Marriage) story its supporters being in cahoots with radical Islamic terror groups...

Forward report 3/12/03

Forward report 7/20/01

Conservatives Clash Over Gay Outreach (Forward, 6/6/03)

Silence on the Right (5/4/01)

Greg Pierce writes for the 1/16/04 Washington Times:

A major Islamic organization has dropped out of a pro-family group after accusations of ties to extremists.

The Islamic Society of North America "has chosen to withdraw" from the Alliance for Marriage, said Matt Daniels, the alliance's president and founder.

A broad-based coalition of conservatives that includes several religious leaders, the alliance is promoting the Federal Marriage Amendment, a proposed constitutional measure that would effectively ban same-sex "marriage" in the United States.

The Islamic group's secretary-general, Sayyid M. Syeed, had been a member of the alliance's advisory board. But last month, Evan Gahr, at the Jewish World Review Web site (www.jewishworldreview.com), reported that the author of a book on terrorism said the Islamic Society of North America had ties to Islamic terrorist organizations, including Hamas. That report prompted prominent Rabbi Marc Gellman to resign from the alliance.

Leading conservatives were also critical of the alliance's association with the Islamic group. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the Islamic Society of North America is one of dozens of nonprofit groups whose tax records have been requested by the Senate Finance Committee as part of an investigation of potential terrorist ties.

Yesterday, Mr. Daniel said the Islamic group left the alliance "out of desire to avoid any distraction from our common goal of rebuilding a culture of intact families in the United States."

"It took two months from when I reported it in the Jewish World Review until when the Washington Post picked it up. That was his time span for when he'd do an exclusive editorial before the rest of the media would pick it up. He was brilliant. His articles were pure logic. There was no way you could refute them, which is why people called him names when he said certain groups were soft on communists. His mother and father were Holocaust survivors, plus he had an excellent sense of humor."

"Do you still have friendly relations with him?"

"No, he expired in 1998 at the age of 42. Liver problems.

"Scott McConnell came in and bounced me from the Post. Then I was freelancing for the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, National Review, and American Enterprise Magazine.

"In March 2000, I met with William Bennett's then chief of staff Pete Wehner. He told me that Mona Charen was looking someone to help research her new book with the Hudson Institute. I contacted her. She'd already quoted from my articles on Al Sharpton and Hillary and the PLO. Then the guy from American Enterprise Magazine, Carl Binsmeister, more recently known as Carl "Mona thinks you're a fag" Binsmeister, or Carl "Fuck you with your lawsuit, Evan" Binsmeister, recommended for a job with her. She asked him if I was gay. To anyone who knows how I dress or what my apartment looks like must be very ironic.

"Despite her fears that I swung from the other side of the tree, I got the job."

"Was this an ongoing fear that she had with you?"

"It seemed to be an ongoing obsession. She told me that when she interned at National Review, it was all homos. Then Ken Weinstein, the Hudson Insitute Washington director asked me if Eric [Briendel] was gay. It's just a form of bigotry that has its parallel in another generation's attitudes towards blacks. They sneer at gays behind their back and in print say they don't want any special privileges for gays. Just no marriage. No special privileges like breathing. It's very ugly despite the humor of Mona thinking I'm gay. She's just a dumb cunt. That language even makes my friends wince but that's what she is. She's a dumb cunt. But it says something about the conservative mindset.

"Everybody's curious but in our society, you don't ask something that explicit. First of all, asking me if I were married is illegal under federal law."

"Did she ever catch you in a position where it could've looked like there was some homosexual activity going on?"

Evan laughs. "No. Again, it shows what a dumb cunt she is. Because I wasn't married, I was gay. She's supposed to be a big observer of the social scene. As a result of the sexual revolution, men are getting married older. Unlike women, there's no pressure on men to marry. There's no biological clock.

"People find this surprising given how I write or act on the phone, but I'm really kinda shy, or as Eric said, reserved. He had the right word for everything. I started telling some girls I met online that I was gay. That I just wanted to be friends. But it didn't last long because I started asking them what sized dress they are. Then one lie led to another. Then I had to say that I wanted to wear the dress. It just didn't work. But I tried it."

"What age girls are you chatting up?"


"Not like 13?"

"No. Though when she used that analogy, I think these people are the moral equivalent of pedophiles. They see someone who's just lost his job and they know they're doing something horribly wrong... They're dealing with someone they think is vulnerable and they think they can get away from it, then they get a rude surprise when I embarrass them in front of everyone and don't just wilt in the face of their abuse."

"Can you honestly say that your relationship with Mona Charen was entirely platonic?"

"Not only can I honestly say it, I'm proud to say it. It wasn't platonic. It was hateful. I find her sheer stupidity combined with banality fascinating. She's a bigger bitch than Lillian Hellman and a much less skillful liar. What does it say about the conservative world that somebody with no particular talent and is utterly pedestrian in every way can get this far and be on TV and all that. It shows that conservatives have affirmative action for women just like liberals have it, just that conservatives don't admit it.

"I sent around these emails. Why did you think I was gay? Were you worried I was going to have my way with your dog? A reference to Rick Santorum. She ignores them for like two years. I figured she would just deny it and then I would leave her alone.

"I say I'm David Brock without the poodle but I don't have a credibility problem.

"She didn't deny it. Then I started just ridiculing her all over New York and Washington. Finally, I call her up. I wanted to ask her something else. About the circumstances of my dismissal. I said I had some questions to ask her. She said, 'I'm not interested in your sexuality. That's not what I want to talk about.' What does that mean? That I think you're a fag but I don't care that you're a fag?

"These people live in the world of ideas. She acts like everything is a Crossfire, a Capitol Gang show. She was busted. You'd think that she'd say it was a misunderstanding or a joke. That she found out I had lots of girlfriends.

"First of all, it's a lie. Everybody's a little curious about what other people do. But you don't ask it during a job interview."

"How long was your telephone conversation with her?"

"It lasted until she had to get on to her broomstick and fly off to another appointment. Less than five minutes. None of these people can stay on the phone with me.

"You know the game 'Beat the Clock?' I'm going to play 'Beat the Jew.' Who can stay on the phone longest with Evan Gahr without yelling, cursing or calling his father."

"Who is Michael Horowitz?"

"Michael has the singular accomplishment in modern Washington of being the only person ever to badger and frighten the father of another player in the political stew."

"What's his day job at Hudson?"

"He saves persecuted Christians around the world but he wasn't too concerned about the Jew around the corner from his office.

"I started working for Hudson in July 2000 in New York. I relocated to DC right after Labor Day in September.

"The White House, according to Weyrich's written statement was asking questions about the matter of my employment on May 2nd. I was fired May 4th."

"Why was the White House concerned with you?"

"Paul Weyrich, in one press release from the American Jewish Congress, linked Paul Weyrich to the White House. They were worried about the political fallout from me calling him an anti-Semite. They called him and asked him to cool it. He said, if you can't handle this, how are you going to handle a real controversy? There were two people to shut up, him and me. They couldn't do it to him because he doesn't get federal contracts.

"On that Tuesday night, Herb London [president of Hudson] swore to the Forward that he wasn't going to fire me. Thursday he fired me."

"What is the Hudson Institute?"

"It is a conservative thinktank that has relied on government contracts since its inception, thus the vulnerability to White House pressure.

"Weyrich and I are now pals. He wrote to me right after I was fired and asked to meet with me. He made clear that he regretted the harm he had caused Jews. Then he accepted my invitation to go to the Holocaust Museum and went despite horrible physical pain from having about eight back operations that year. He essentially admitted within six weeks that he had been a demented anti-Semite but the Jews are still defending him.

"I asked [Weyrich] or suggested he get press coverage but he refused. I also asked most every Jew conservative in DC to accompany us and the only one who would was Michael Ledeen.

"Anyway, the irony as mentioned is that Weyrich essentially admitted he was a demented anti-Semite but the Jews still haven't forgiven me for calling him that. Which just shows despite their putative friendship with him they care about him as much as yesterday's piss (my grandfather's expression).

"My transgression here--for which they still abhor me--is saying something which they thought would upset their kosher coalition between neo-cons and the Christian Right, which is pure political expediency and enforced by those such as Bill Kristol, a malevolent liar, who actually, contrary to their supposedly fighting liberal prejudice, have utter contempt for the Christians they embrace as evidenced by Kristol privately telling Marshall Wittmann and Ken Weinstein that his remarks were a shocking outburt of bigotry then lying to the Washington Post and saying it was no big deal.

"Then you have those with condescending attitudes such as Michael Horowitz, who told Marshall Whitman when he was saying Pat Robertson is anti-Semitic that these people--Christians--are 'the salt of the Earth.'

"What a fool, sounds like an earlier era of condescending liberal saying 'the negroes are gentle people.' Salt of the Earth as if they all plow their fields with the churches in the yonder. Christian Right has people of all professions and classes etc.

"I asked Kristol and Horowitz repeatedly if the Jews killed Christ. They wouldn't answer. Very condescending. They think Christians would be offended by what they believe (no) but the reality is Christians would understand that Jews don't believe that otherwise they would be Christians, duh."

"But wouldn't you agree that Negroes are gentle people? Always singing and dancing. They seem so happy and to have such a natural sense of rhythm. Yet if one touches my daughter, I'm stringing him up by the nearest lamppost."


Statement by Paul M. Weyrich, President of the Free Congress Foundation, following his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC on Friday April 26th, 2002:

The visit to the Holocaust Museum was very moving. Once you see what the Jews went through at the time of Nazi Germany, it is so much easier to comprehend why the Jewish people feel they have to fight for their nation the way they do. And it is also more understandable why they are so sensitive to anything they feel is anti-Semitic.

In an unusual irony, the writer Evan Gahr, who once believed I was an anti-Semite, has helped to reconcile me with some in the Jewish community who believed the same of me. They now realize that we are in the vanguard of those who understand the threat that true believing Moslems represent to both Christians and Jews and that all of us who believe in our Judeo-Christian civilization must fight together to preserve it. I am grateful to Mr. Gahr for taking the initiative to enable us to take a special tour of the museum. And I can assure my Jewish friends that I will forever be more sensitive in my own writings to how they think and feel.

"Do you ever take dates to the Holocaust museum?"

"Like Seinfeld and making out in Schindler's List? No. I had never even gone before. I had never paid much attention to anti-Semitism before this controversy. It was supposed to be a two-day story. I'm the one who made it a federal case."

Stephen Schwartz writes in the 4/27/01 Forward:

Paul Weyrich, one of the most prominent conservative agitators and organizers for the past two decades, wrote in an article published on Good Friday that "Christ was crucified by the Jews.... He was not what the Jews had expected so they considered Him a threat. Thus He was put to death." Mr. Weyrich gained fame in the 1980s by running a high-profile direct-mail operation for conservative causes.

The article, titled "Indeed, He is Risen!," appeared on Mr. Weyrich's Free Congress Web site on April 13.

Mr. Weyrich's commentary was first denounced by Evan Gahr, a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute, in another conservative journal, the on-line edition of The American Spectator. In a second wrinkle, Mr. Gahr first submitted his article to the FrontPage Web site run by David Horowitz, for which he had been a freelance contributor.

Mr. Horowitz refused to publish the column, and, after Mr. Gahr disclosed that fact to The Washington Post, fired him from the Web site and demanded he apologize to Mr. Weyrich.

Mr. Horowitz went on to label Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, as "an unexpected prosecutor in this witch-hunt...whose organization has already joined in the Weyrich bashing."

In fact, the ADL and Mr. Foxman made no comments about the Weyrich affair before Mr. Horowitz's blast against them appeared.


But in a subsequent posting on his Web site this week, Mr. Weyrich wrote, "My breath has been taken away at all of this. I defy anyone to hear [the Christian] Gospels read and to conclude anything other than that Jesus Christ was handed over to the Roman soldiers to be hung on the cross at the insistence of [his emphasis] the local Jewish authorities.... The people, egged on by their leaders, Jewish leaders, the chief priests and scribes, rallied the crowd. This is historical fact. Are we now to be forbidden to mention historical fact?"

"I think it is sad that this could be the demise of David Horowitz," Mr. Gahr said. "I think he has been a hero in his defense of free speech. But he has now made himself a fellow traveler of a demented anti-Semite rehashing the blood libel."

Mr. Gahr was unapologetic. "How long will it take for Republicans to denounce Weyrich?" he asked in an interview with the Forward.

David Horowitz on Evan Gahr

"I was a columnist for David Horowitz's FrontPagemag.com. I was busting on assorted black people, much to his delight. I originally did an article about Weyrich and submitted it to Front Page. He spiked it. I then gave it to the American Spectator. They used it. I then sent it to the Washington Post. Then they called me. I described what had happened with Horowitz. They wrote an article that Horowitz has spiked it. So for all this yelping that Horowitz was mad at me for being unfair to Weyrich, the reality is just that he was furious I had told the Washington Post. The issue was him, not Weyrich.

"Did I send you the thing about [a prominent conservative, not David] who doesn't wash his hands when he takes a piss? I know everything from their bathroom habits to their lying to the Washington Post. That's why they scream and curse and call me crazy. They can't engage my arguments."

Linda Chavez emails Evan August 3, 2004: "Evan, Does it occur to you that your obsessive behavior might be responsible for your being 'blacklisted'? You send out weird email messages to people, harass them on the phone, and then accuse people of blacklisting you. You need help."

Evan emails back:

"John Lewis, did it ever occur to you that your obsessive behavior might be responsible for you being beat over the head again and again? You go on weird demonstrations, harras them at all-white Bus Stations,and then you accuse people of being racist when they try to bash your brains in?"

For some strange reason, Dr. Chavez, all my psychiatric problems escaped the notice of you and other conservatives when I was going after feminists and left-wing blacks. Your only "answer" to my questions was to call me delusional.

You can throw the entire DSMV-4 at me, but facts are pesky things.

1. The White House was inquiring about the "matter" of my employment right before my dismissal.

2. The source for this is Weyrich himself.

3. The New Republic reported that Karl Rove's staffer Tim Goeglein called Hudson about Marshall Wittmann, who subsequently left Hudson, a government funded think tank, under mysterious circumstances.

4. Michael Horowitz more or less admitted to me that he knows about White House undue influence. Do you find any of this objectionable? Your non-response response makes clear the answer is no. Your adamant refusal to condemn the White House and Hudson and Michael Horowitz shows some unpleasant truths about you but little about me.

As for my supposedly being "delusional." Careful with your language. You're the public figure not me.

a) I didn't posit any facts, except those which Weyrich put in writing. (Did I imagine his statement also). I asked you if the White House had in anyway coerced you to keep quiet about Hudson purging two Jews who annoyed Karl Rove. You say no you did it all on your own. Great.

b) Even if I did assert as fact that the White House had pressured you, given the circumstances--Weyrich himself has said they are very "interventionist"--that would hardly amount to delusional thinking.

c) Delusional is a serious psychiatric disorder. If I say "Jill Abramson is my girlfriend" that's not delusional. That's just wishful thinking.

If I say, I'm going out tonight with Jill and Judith Miller. That's not delusional; that's every man's fantasy.

If I say "Linda Chavez has the same standards for white Christians as she does left-wing blacks, that's delusional.

Evan: "It's quite fascinating that all my mental problems went unnoticed when I was going after feminists, fags and uppity Negroes for ten years. I once spent two straight days in the Yale Daily News building going through every single issue from Hillary's Yale Law School days to look for incriminating material. For that I was a tenacious reporter.

"Notice that her email contains--to use an Eric expression--assertions not arguments. She doesn't explain why I'm not well and what the specific problem is.

"Her husband works for the administration. He's assistant secretary for Health and Human Services. In the beginning, she had been supportive. After the White House [got Evan fired], she explained she wouldn't say anything bad about Hudson. I kept asking her, did the White House say anything about me? She called me delusional."

"Have you ever dated a black girl?"

"Yeah. That was the other thing I wanted to bring up. I went to the Washington Times party in 1994 with this black girl. There was no racial tension except from other black women who didn't like her going with a white guy. With two notable exceptions, I've never heard any derogatory or sneering attitudes towards blacks in conservative circles. It's just towards gays. It probably was towards blacks earlier.

"One was New York Post editor Bob McManus. He used to call this self-help group 100 Black Men '100 Black Men With Their Parole Officer.' There are always little truths in humor. I do think that Jill [Abramson] is cute and soft and fluffy."

Nineteen ninety four National Book Award Finalists for Nonfiction Jane Mayer (left) and Jill Abramson (right) at the 1994 Awards Ceremony and Gala. Photo credit: Robin Platzer

Jill Abramson Jill again Evan with his and Jill's love child?

"Someone at Insight magazine [Charlotte Hays from Mississippi] would always make racist remarks to another Southerner, thinking he would appreciate them. He found it disgusting and shocking."

"Have you ever slept with a black woman? What was it like?"

"I don't want to answer a question like that. People reveal way too much of themselves in displays of pseudo-intimacy with others. I told you I went with the black girl to the Washington Times Insight party because it was relevant to making larger points."

"Have you met Jill in person?"


"You know that picture of me with a baby with a chimpa's face pasted on? I'm going to send that around as Evan and Jill's love child.

"In my other apartment, or cage as I call it, there was four years of worth of dust on the stereo cabinets. I wrote 'Evan & Jill' in the dust. I put the book, 'Who Killed Christ?' next to it."

"Father Richard John Neuhaus. Do you have a relationship with him?"

"I did until I went after him on the AFM story. He was cool. He was the only one who wouldn't hang up on me. I could ask him any question I wanted. On the first Muslim one, he talked to me. He said it was just the nature of alliances. But this time he wouldn't talk to me. It was post 9/11. It was more sensitive. I'm going to do more satirical calls. I'm going to call him and he's going to say, 'Who's this?' And I'll say, 'It's Pope John Paul II. I'm calling to confess for lying about Jews.'"

"Have you talked to a therapist about this stuff?"

"First of all, that word 'therapist' should be eliminated."


"I don't know if I want to answer that problem. It's on my Web site that Marty Peretz said I was horribly traumatized."

"Have you considered Scientology?"

"No, I'm Jewish, and this has made me a more serious Jew. The religion is congruent with me intellectually. I call myself a Jewish journalist. Actions matter more than thoughts. I've never done journalism reading minds. I've stuck to the written records."

"Why do you think there are so many Jews in journalism?"

"There are Jews in everything. Somebody at Columbia Prep said Jews have an elitist quality. My father said, that's because we're the best."

"Is Ann Coulter a slut?"

"It's on my Web site that she did two guys in one night when she was out in California talking about Clinton's moral depravity. I don't believe in the concept of slut.

"Ann blocked my emails right after I asked her about David Brock's charge in his book Blinded by the Right that she indulged anti-Semitism.

"Conservatives always talk about promiscuous homos? But they are silent on promiscuous "breeders" just shows this argument and others is a proxy for bigotry. So I decided to "out" promiscuous heterosexuals. GWU [George Washington University] girls are notorious. But I might want to do some more first-hand reporting. I had one GWU "friend," Doreen, who proudly described her sultry and revealing attire as "slut wear.""

"Were there a lot of gays working at Hudson?"

"Perhaps in the imagination of Mona and Ken Weinstein. Not that I noticed."

"How did Bill Kristol get involved?"

"Weyrich wrote his statement on his Free Congress Web site. Marshal Whitman is a big Kristol buddy and John McCain supporter. Weyrich and Kristol were having a big squabble over the Chinese - plane controversy in early 2001. Marshal saw it. He told Bill Kristol. Both Marshal and Ken Weinstein that 'Bill couldn't believe it.' His reaction was that this was a shocking bigoted outburst. Whitman told me that Weyrich had acted with malice towards Jews. I was then quoted as calling him a 'demented anti-Semite.' Then I got blacklisted by David Horowitz. The Washington Post called Bill Kristol and he outright lied to them. He said the whole thing was no big deal. Yet he had just told his friends that it was a shocking outburst of anti-Semitism. He lied for political expediency. That became the whole conservative party line. That I had overreacted."

"Why do you keep calling yourself David Brock without a poodle?"

"That's just a joke. A poodle is a stereotypical gay thing.

"Given a choice between kissing Mona Charen and Andrew Sullivan, I'd kiss [HIV-positive] Andrew Sullivan [prominent homosexual conservative columnist and advocate of same-sex marriage]. If that makes me a fag, so be it."

"Who would you rather be married to? Andrew or Mona?"

Evan can't decide. They're both so tempting. Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool. Loving both of them is breaking all the rules.

"When I call her a dumb cunt, it's for a reason. That's what she is and that's what she should be recognized as. She's never scrutinized. Instead she's exalted."

"Lawrence Kaplan?"

"Lawrence 'the girl' Kaplan. He's now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. I asked him about the circumstances of my dismissal. Conservatives are usually informed but there was a big gap in their reading habits in mid 2001. They all missed 30 publications who did articles about this. They don't know anything about it. He said he didn't know anything about it. He then provided my contacts to someone at Hudson who then gave them to Hudson's lawyer (Bob Brame) who favors capital punishment for homosexuals caught in the act. He was long tied to a Christian reconstructionist group (American Vision) who favored just that."

"What do you think should be the punishment for homosexuals caught in the act?"

"They should have to look at naked pictures on Mona Charen.

"That's the one topic my views have changed post-Weyrich. I used to be very anti-gay. Marty Peretz (publisher of The New Republic) told me not to be a right-wing gay basher. Then I learned the hard way that the real abomination before God is not as DuPont Circle (largely gay section of DC) but a few blocks south, colluding with Christian anti-Semitism and radical Islam. All the lies, and mean-spiritedness that I associated with the Left is crystallized in Jewish conservatives attitudes towards gays."

"Sounds like you were naive thinking that conservatives would be better than liberals."

"Yeah, I was naive in thinking that dishonesty was limited to one part of the political spectrum. I saw the Left as the repository of lies and intolerance. For a while, it was. In the 1970s, if you were a black conservative like Thomas Sowell, you were treated to real abuse. Now you can be a black conservative who has no talent like Armstrong Williams and you can get your own TV and radio show.

"The stated values of conservatives are good ones but they're not applied consistently. They're always yelping about how the truth is under assault from feminists and Afro-centrists on college campuses. Fine. The truth is under assault from the Vatican for lying in their document, 'We Remember.' It should be called, 'We Forgot.' About the history of anti-Semitism. It's a bigger lie than Clinton ever told. The cover-up is the same as what the Left would do with the Soviet Union and Alger Hiss."

"When did you become a registered Democrat?"

"I've always been a Democrat. My father told me to be a Democrat so you could have an effect on the elections. There were no Republicans elected in New York. I'm nostalgic for the traditional Democratic party."

"Did you ever become suicidal while you went through this tsuris?"

"No. If I was as crazy as they said, I could've been locked up and given some Thorazine."

"Were you ever institutionalized?"


"Marty Peretz?"

"He has been a mentor since 1992. Nobody knew I was his biggest fag protege since Andrew Sullivan. He recommended me for numerous jobs. He called Conrad Black on my behalf. Then I discovered that The New Republic was part and parcel of this whole coverup.

"Right after I was fired, Franklin Foer knew I was fired. He wrote an article glorifying the Hudson Institute, Marshal Whitman, and Bill Kristol as defending free expression against conservative intolerance when they had just enforced the prime speech code of the Jewish Right, which is no criticism of the Christian Right. Until I spoke out, there had not been a single instance of one Jewish conservative or neo-conservative denouncing a member of the Christian Right as an anti-Semite or denounced their language as anti-Semitic. How can you say Kristol is an iconoclast if Kristol won't condemn Weyrich?

"Franklin Foer likes to show he's so hip. That he's sympathetic yet critical of conservatives. He wrote that after Pat Robertson made some anti-Semitic remarks in 1992, Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz jumped to his defense. First, the anti-Semitic remarks were in 1991. Second, there's nothing in the database about either Kristol or John Podhoretz jumping to his defense. Kristol was at the White House then as Dan Quayle's chief of staff. It's entirely counterintuitive that he would've been speaking out on his own. If he did, it would've been all over the news. John Podhoretz didn't do it either. Franklin Foer has a problematic relationship with the facts, as Eric Breindel would say. If Foer is making things up about this, does he do it on other cases?

"The only response [to Evan Gahr] was from Leon [Wieseltier] that I had "shitted up" his magazine."

"How did all this affect your relationship with Marty Peretz?"

"I haven't talked to him since [2001]. I don't know what to think. I'd like to think he's better than all these people. It must be a painful for him that his magazine became an adjunct to the only anti-Semitic fascist purge in modern Washington."

"You are calling what happened to you an anti-Semitic fascist purge?"

"Yeah. It had the power of the government."

"The New Republic has declined since Michael Kinsley left."

"The cliche is that journalism is the rough draft of history. The New Republic reads like the rough draft of a masters thesis. Every article is -- conservatives are right to criticize liberals but conservatives are wrong... There are 300 million people in the US but only the twelve boys of The New Republic know how it really is. Peter Beinart is a partisan putz. They always have to show that liberals and conservatives are both wrong and only they know how it is. In the last election, Peter wrote about conservatives yelping that the Democratic party has a quota system. Then he said, yeah, but Republicans have their own quota system. He quoted some obscure provision of Republican delegate selection to make his point. Fine, it's probably there, but anybody who knows this issue knows that Democrats have a notorious quota system dating back to 1972. It's nothing compared to the Republicans. When he quotes it to show that he's smarter than everybody, he's showing his own ignorance. I just happen to know this issue real well. I wonder if he does this with other issues."

"Leon Wieseltier."

"He knew all about me from breaking the Hillary - PLO story and for working for Eric but I never talked to him until that fateful night when he accused me of shitting up his magazine. I called him and said, 'Hi, this is Evan Gahr.' He said, 'Evan, I'm not talking to you.' He hung up. I called ten minutes later. I said, 'Why can't you stay on the phone with me?' He said, 'Oh Evan, you've caused a lot of shit at my magazine. Don't ever call me again. Do I make myself clear?' Then he hung up the phone. Big bad Jew. He doesn't scare me.

"These people don't impress me. The New York Times impresses me. The New York Times are serious journalists. Leon has a Ph.D. in Jewish medieval studies. He made Cornell West his personal negro punching bag. They condemned Cornell West for speaking at a function where there was Farakhan literature. This is the magazine, by virtue of Lawrence 'the girl' Kaplan, is now associated with an organization that purged someone for denouncing anti-Semitism. Cornell West doesn't have that to answer for. They ignored the AFM - Islam terrorism story, even though Peter and Leon's rabbi is Barry Freundel, who was a leader of the AFM coalition. The rabbi won't talk to me.

"In an article on Eric Breindel, Marty said he relished a good fight. So do I but nobody will stay on the phone with me. The only people who will stay on the phone with me is the so-called PC intolerant New York Times because they've done nothing wrong.

"Jonathan Chait writes about the Iraq war yet he can't even stay on the phone with me? He has to use the office manager to intercept his calls? This is the person who has to make sure no one takes too many AA batteries. Now she's doing double-duty resistance.

"Lawrence 'the girl' Kaplan writes about foreign affairs but he can't give out his fax number."

"Have you threatened physical violence on these people?"


"I'm a threat to their status, stature and prestige because I tell the truth about them.

"Leon Kass is at AEI now. I tried to interview him for the Washington Jewish Week. I asked him about the AEI purge. I was blacklisted by the magazine, barred from the facilities and lost my on-line column. AEI mag editor Karl Zinsmeister. Per my analysis at Osam Bin Chimpstein, the purge only makes sense in the context of White House pressure. The magazine had nothing to do with Weyrich; my database search subsequently was that they never even mentioned his name. No ties to the Christian Right. And Karl is not a hot head.

"Like everyone else, Kass didn't read for those few months and missed it in those 30 publications. Then I asked him more questions and he wouldn't answer. If you can't talk about a quasi-anti-Semitic purge by his own organization, why should anyone take him seriously on these big lofty moral issues about stem cells?"

"Do you read the Forward?"

"Yeah. J.J. is a first-rate journalist. He's the only one who followed up on my Holocaust Museum visit with Weyrich."

"Any other Jewish papers that you read?"


"Do you have any prominent Conservative literati who've remained your friends?"

"I've been blacklisted by the entire conservative establishment with the notable exceptions of The Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal editorial page."

"What have you been doing for a living the past couple of years?"

"I don't want to answer that question.

"I've been selling... Oh, I was going to make a Mona Charen joke but it wasn't a good one. All this humor takes a lot of thought."

"Have you spent time with David Brock?"

"We had lunch in Georgetown. We'd had similar experiences. He said that what happened to me was inevitable. It would've happened without Weyrich, which is probably true. It could've happened over the Pope Pious or Mel Gibson controversy."

"What did you think of the movie The Passion of the Christ?"

"I'm waiting to see it with Jill Abramson [managing editor of The New York Times]."

A phone keeps ringing in the background. Evan finally answers it: "Hello?"


"I'm talking to this guy on the phone. You know that."


"Because I'm using the cell phone."


"Yeah. Good. Bye."

Evan returns to me. "She answers her own phone. But all the boys at The New Republic are so precious, they need all their calls screened.

"It started off as a joke. I started flirting with her in emails, saying I'd burned all my sources at The New York Times. Can you be my new source? Can you be my Deep Throat?"

How could any woman not go for an approach like that?

"How did she react?"

"I haven't heard back from her but other people find it funny.

"Tom Friedman late last year smacked a reader after a speech. So I called her. 'Jill, does The New York Times have a policy on columnists smacking readers?' She said, you'll have to ask Gail Collins [head of the editorial pages]. 'I did. She wouldn't talk to me. I'm asking you.' She said, 'It's not my department.' I said, 'Yeah, but it's your paper. What is your personal view?' She said in this cute girly sing-songy voice, 'My personal view is not relevant.' Then I started to say, 'Is that like abortion? You are personally opposed to columnists smacking readers but you don't want to impose your views?' By that time, she had hung up on me. I was vanquished. Jill, I was really getting into it and then you stopped. It's not fair. Come back."

"Do you think she will come to her senses one day?"

"What do you mean come to her senses?"

"About what a great guy you are and come see The Passion of the Christ with you?"

"I have this whole pretend relationship with her. We've already seen The Passion of the Christ (2004). Next it's going to be Summer of '42 (1971).

"Then I called Andrew Rosenthal [Deputy Editorial Page Editor] and asked him, 'Does The New York Times have a policy about columnists smacking readers?' He said, 'You're postulating a series of facts that I am not sure are correct.' That's the New York Times crystallized into one sentence. We went back and forth. I wrote up the dialogue. Evan Gahr, insult thinly designed as question. Andrew Rosenthal, right back at you. Evan almost yelling. Then he says, call me at work. I said, this is at work. He said, I gotta go. Good-bye.

"Then I called him ten minutes later. 'Hey Andrew, did your father have a policy on columnists smacking readers? I thought he'd hang up but he just stayed on the phone. We went back and forth. He goes, I've got a paper to put out. Call me tomorrow. Good-bye.

"That's how a man acts on the phone. Jill acted like a soft and fluffy girl. If these Jewish conservatives can't stay on the phone like a man, they should at least hang up like a lady.

"That took slicing my head to get it exactly right. I've got to write it down.

"That Andrew would ten minutes later answer his phone. These Jewish conservatives won't answer their phone. I call up and ask for a fax number, and they hang up. I did an experiment. I called up The New York Times editorial page asking for their fax number. She goes, oh, which one? There are two different ones. There was no intellectual fatwa leveled against me. Jill was right. It [Tom Friedman smacking a reader] was just a silly and goofy thing. They had done nothing wrong."

"Where do you want to go from here?"

"I'm working on a book about the anti-Semitism in all this."

"How clued in are you to Jewish life?"

"I got a little more religious. I started to keep kosher most of the time. I started to go to synagogue more often although I stopped."

"Why did you stop?"

"Because all the girls disappeared from the synagogue."

"Are you a womanizer?"

"No. I'm too honest to be a womanizer. Girls always say, 'You're so smart and funny. You can't really be this conservative.' Yes I am. And I write them a 1500-word essay about the evils of feminism. Then I get negated when I tell them my true feelings about abortion."

"Do you think abortion is murder?"

"Ask Leon Kass. He's the great moralist.

"These people live in their own worlds. They can't differentiate between TV and reality. That is not the question up for debate. The question is, since it is legal under Roe v. Wage, should there be restrictions on it?"

"Have you ever encouraged a woman to abort your child?"

Evan laughs. "No. I don't think this sort of stuff should be used to evaluate someone's ideas."

"Have you ever lived with a woman?"

"No, that's bad. Conservative ideals are still good. Studies have shown that people who do that have a higher divorce rate."

"Do you believe in waiting until marriage before having sex?"

"What's good for my penis is not necessarily good for society. Things worked much better when there was that kind of social pressure. That's why people got married quickly. Now people can just fuck indefinitely. That's why 'relationships' go on and then implode. Feminism, for the most part, has been a disaster for women.

"This has made me a better journalist by helping me to look at the Right more critically. For instance, Bork wasn't borked. It's true that the People for the American Way commercial with Gregory Peck was sleazy, but the reason he went down to defeat was what was depicted accurately. Namely, his record opposed to basic civil rights. They went after him, not for abortion, but for being against birth control."

"How do you feel about rubbers?"

"Do you know who Jay Lefkowitz (White House Political Director)? He worked for Bill Kristol at the first Bush White House. He worked for Tim Goeglein when Tim was making phone calls about me and Marshal Whitman. Jay lied to me. He knew nothing about my dismissal. He says he hardly ever talks to Michael Horowitz (his cousin) at Hudson, the guy who harassed my father. I used to see Michael on the phone with Jay all the time.

"Jay's wife Elena Neuman (Neuman is a pen name, her real last name is Lefkowitz) worked at Insight Magazine (getting the job through a connection of his), she got pregnant. She told us the whole story about how Jay came back from the convention in 1992 and took her au natural. These are the people who believe in modesty telling us about Jay's preferences. She also told us how she did David Segal, who's now at the Washington Post, before she was married. How she lost her virginity the first week of college when she smoked pot at the same time. I'm going to out her. I'm going to out all the heterosexuals. Show that the lifestyle they live is depraved and perverted because they try to pass it off as normal.

"When Elena and Jay were dating, her mother and father got her her own apt on the East Side to spend time with Jay. I bet they did more there than light Shabbos candles."

"Have you given up shiksas?"

"No. The other fascinating part of this story is how Weyrich and I became such close friends. He's been providing me spiritual counseling and practical counseling."

"Has he brought you to Jesus?"

"No. If this were a movie, that would've happened. I told him, I found Jesus. He's wonderful but he's yours. I don't want him. He's made me a more serious Jew. He talks about things in Christian terms that I then translate into Jewish terms. We've started calling each other brother.

"Do you and Weyrich call each other nigger? Or aren't you close enough yet?"

"Funny. No, we don't. But the more relevant questions is whether Karl Rove calls Linda Chavez his bitch."

"A friend emails me: 'Good Evan Gahr interview but he sounds like less than a delightful character. Could be me, but I don't think he likes women very much.'"

"No, I like women a lot. Girls are soft and fluffy. Last time I was in DC, all my friends were girls."

"I feel like we're kindred souls. We've both been ejected from communities that had been home to us for a decade and people we thought were our friends turned their backs on us and it felt like the ground had opened up under our feet as we simply pursued what we knew empirically and existentially knew was truth."

"It's more than pursuing the truth. These people have done bad things they know they're wrong and it's quite blatant. Like Frank Foer or Michael Horowitz. It's frustrating to me because they haven't been busted thus far. But this is America; injustices are exposed relatively quickly. Not like the past when it took decades for the Tuskegee experiment to come to light."

"Why didn't you just lick your wounds and go on to something else after the firing? Did you feel like your whole conservative schtettle ejected you?"

"The dismissal was not some little internecine squabble in the conservative backyard over Jews and chimps. It was the only anti-Semitic fascist purge in modern Washington.

"Journalists being trained to be skeptical say when asked the White House gets people fired all the time. But that's not the case at all.

"The entire conservative establishment in DC, with the notable exception of the Washington Times blacklisted me. So did NR, NYPost Editorial Page.

"The big exception was the WSJ Editorial Page. I continued too write for them and they were the only conservative outlet to publish a critical article on Weyrich.

"Everybody says at first, yeah, the White House gets people fired all the time. Do they? When was the last time they got anybody outside government fired? Travelgate was their own employees and that was a ruckus."

Evan says he has been blacklisted by JewishWorldReview.com. The editor of JWR did not return my email seeking comment. I guess it is true.

"Marshall Wittman?"

"When I pressed him on the White House phone calls he threatened me with the Capitol Police. Then I called to find out his salary and he had the receptionist hang up on me. What is he scared of? Just think about it logically: We know the White House made at least one call about him. Hudson apparently was quite accommodating. That gives the White House incentive to call again. Read the stuff below and you'll see he had a great gig; with a web site that was well read. Why would he give that up--suddenly. If he had wanted to work for McCain he could have done it any time. Why then? He's certainly lazy. In about 8:30 am always left before 6 pm."

Evan writes:

I hope you can include this link to our [Paul Weyrich] trip to the Holocaust Museum; otherwise readers are left with an incomplete portrait of him. And Jewish conservatives.

What does it say about the mindset and sensibilty of Jewish conservatives that they still are waging an intellectual jihad against me for calling him a demented anti-Semite, long after he essentially admitted he had acted like a demented anti-Semite and made clear, by virtue of the extraordinary trip to the Holocaust Museum that he regretted the pain his remarks caused Jews? How can they claim to be his friend when their actions betray an utter disregard for express words and desires?

If they valued his opinion, they would be acting differently towards me. Contrary to all their protestations that I treated him unfairly and should apologize, this has never been about him and he expressly told me he didn't want an apology (even though he thought my description of him was unfair).

It's a squabble between Jews.

Here's one of the remarkable emails [Paul Weyrich] sent me. He's been giving me Christian counseling which reverberates with me even though I'm not Christian and I can learn from it. [Another email.]

Ideally, the God talk would come from a Jew in DC--but they're too busy on the AFM board.

The whole Chimpgate gets a bit confusing. I told Marty Peretz I felt like I was in the middle of a squabble at a Jewish summer camp. Anyway, here's a good chronology for you:

1. Petitioner is white male, Jewish and perceived by Scott Walter and his comrades on the right as looney tune.

2. In 1996, petitioner started writing for The American Enterprise Magazine of AEI whose editor is Karl Zinsmeister and whose deputy was then Scott Walter. Respondent Walter had nothing but praise for petititioners work. Around the same time, respondent Adam Meyerson, then at the Heritage Foundation, recommended, at the behest of Eric Breindel, petitioner for several jobs at the conservative think tank.

3. In early 2000, Karl Zinsmeister recommended peititoner for a job with AEI. He was seriously considered and went through several interviews. Eventually someone else was picked.

3a. Ricky Silberman, who founded the IWF, and Karl Zinsmeister recommended petitiioner for job with AEI and the Hudson Institute with Mona Charen, who illegally inquired about petitioner’s marital status and when told “single” expressed concern, Zinsmeister later told petitioner, that “you’re a fag.”

4. Just who is a “fag” concerned another Hudson employee Ken Weinstein, who right after petitioner started working at Hudson took him out to lunch and asked if Eric Breindel swung from the other side of the tree.

5. At Hudson, the think tank’s president, Herb London, quickly upgraded petitioner’s title to “senior fellow,” unsolicited wrote him a recomendation for a “young scholars” project and expresssed delight in the widespread publication of his work in such prestigious outlets as the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

6. The Hudson Institute has relied on government contracts since its inception. At the start of the Bush Administration, Hudson president Herb London expressed hope to Hudson VP that the Bush presidency would mean more government contracts for Hudson.

7. Tim Goeglein, special assistant to the president, charged with serving as outreach coordinator to Hudson, the Free Congress and other non-profit groups, has a working relationship with Hudson that dates to at least 1995 when he worked as press secretary for Indiana senator Dan Coats. More recently, he worked for Gary Bauer, a Christian Right leader who ran for president in 2000.

8. Around March 2001, Goeglein called Hudson to complain about criticisims of the administration which Marshall Wittmann, then a Hudson senior fellow had written on the website of his “conservative reform project,” which listed Bill Kristol on its stationery as co-director. Curt Smith, then Hudson VP, took the call and relayed the complaint to Wittmann, who then told petitioner and Ken Weinstein about it, emphasizing that Goeglein bore him a particular animus because of the 2000 presidential campaign when Wittmann was an outspoken supporter of Senator John McCain.

9. Not long after TNR reported Goeglein’s call, Curt Smith who took the call was fired. Marshall Wittmann, whose leisurly days petitioner personally observed since his office was adjacent to him, subsequently left Hudson to work for Senator McCain. Asked about this by petitioner, Wittmann professed nearly total amnesia regarding the events of 2001 and threatened the petitioner with the Capitol Police when pressed on the matter. Hudson VP Ken Weinstein was equally informative. Evan Gahr: Why did Marshall Wittmann give up his cushy job at Hudson for the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill? Ken Weinstein: [click]

10. Wittmann, of course, is not the only Jew who embarassed the White House and subsequently left the government-subsidized think tank, with obvious incentive to do what’s necessary to maintain the good graces of Karl Rove, under mysterious circumstances.

10a Petitioner wrote for the magazine of the Philanthropy Roundtable at the recommendation of Hudson VP Ken Weinstein.

11. In April 2001, petitioner called Paul Weyrich, a key Christian Right ally of the White House, a "demented anti-Semite" for saying the Jews killed Jesus.

12. Based on information and belief, the White House, specificially Tim Goeglein at the behest of Karl Rove, called AEI and Hudson about petitioner.

13. Hudson president Herb London made had deputy Ken Weinstein make urgent calls to petitioner. When petitioner called back and got London, he said “Oh, Evan Gahr, people are calling me about you.”

14. London then wrote to Paul Weyrich to apologize for petitioner’s remarks and explain despite having said that he remained highly-regarded at the Insitute.

15. Around the same time as the White House calls, petitioner's name was removed from The American Enterprise Magazine masthead on the order of Karl Zinsmeister who undoubtedly had his deputy Scott Walter, now VP of the Philanthropy Roundtable handle the details.

16. On May 3, 2001, petitioner was dismissed by Hudson.

17. Hudson president Herb London informed Weyrich of the decision the same day.

18. Hudson claimed to the media and petititioner's father that Mr. Gahr was dismissed for going off the deep-end, i.e, being a looney tune "paranoid" and "bizarre" to cite some words. The “proof” was that petitioner had used a stuffed chimp to taunt a supporter of Mr. Weyrich in a television debate, saying he was acting like a big baby, thus the baby chimp.

Michael Horowitz, the Hudson senior fellow who told petitioner’s father that his son was fired for going crazy, enlisted AEI magazine editor Karl Zinsmeister in his pre-mediated phone call. Horowitz had Zinsmeister stand by the phone so Dr. Gahr could talk to him and learn just what a looney tune his son was.

19. Petitioner’s immediate supervisor, Mona Charen, told him to get “psychological or psychiatric help.” Karl Zinsmeister, whose deputy was Scott Walter now at the Philanthropy Roundtable made similar arguments to third parties, blacklisted petitioner from the magazine and said "Fuck, you with your lawsuit, Evan" when pressed on these matters.

Lawsuit since withdrawn with prejudice. It means I agreed not to bring up the same claims again. And they withdrew their counter-suit for libel because I allegedly called Herb London a fascist.

My lawyer bullied me into withdrawing the suit. He was also negligent in that he never submitted them to written questions or interrogatories. So they never had to explain themselves.

20. Hudson’s lawyer, Bob Brame, was long tied to a group (American Vision) that favors capital punishment for homosexuals and is not too crazy about blacks or Jews. He spoke exensively with petitioner’s immediate supervisor, Mona Charen, whose writing leave the impression that she sympathized with the APA’s long-since revoked categoratization of homosexuality as a mental illness. Charen quite likely discussed petitioner’s assumed sexual orientation with Hudson’s lawyer. Charen writes often for the magazine, TAE, where Scott Walter worked and is still edited by Karl Zinsmeister, who the White House may have called.

21. Scott Walter later left AEI to join the Philanthropy Roundtable where he is in charge of its magazine.

22. Petitioner is nationally-known for his writings about race and religion for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times and New York Post. He has written extensively about these issues for The American Enterprise Magazine, which is widely read by the DC close-knit community of conservatives.

Discrimination based on perceived mental status.

23. Petitioner spoke with Scott Walter earlier this year. Mr. Walter questioned his honesty, repeatedly called him "mentally unbalanced" and urged him to seek the help of mental health professionals, saying this was the opinion of Mona Charen (formerly of Hudson) and "everyone" he knew. He also conceeded that petitioner was dismissed by AEI for calling the White christian an anti-Semite, but suggested this was secondary.

24. David Horowitz, a close associate of AEI, wrote on his web site, on behalf of AEI, that petitioner was banished by AEI for, he implied, being a looney tune. AEI ignored repeated inquiries asking that it distance itself from these remarks. In an interview with the Forward, Horowitz peddled a similar line.

25. Petitioner repeatedly sought employment with AEI starting in April 2004. One such letter is included with this complaint. He is amply qualified and has mentioned before he criticized the White Christian was seriously considered for an AEI job, and AEI offiicial Karl Zinsmeister had even writting petitioner unsolicited recommendations.

That all changed.

Follow-up telephone messages, faxes and emails were ignored. Karl Zinsmeister, editor of The American Enterprise Magazine, where petitioner is amply qualified to work hangs up on petitioner literally the moment he recognizes his voice.

His only complete sentence about this matter has been, “Fuck you with your lawsuit, Evan.”

From page 25 of the William F. Buckley book In Search of Anti-Semitism:

Daniel E. Lapin wrote from the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice, California in 1985: "Mr. Buckley, I am not sure that I fully understand the fuss about Sobran. The writing of Richard Cohen et al. strikes me as disingenuous. Sobran's "Pensées" in NR, December 31, 1985, on the other hand, laid the foundations of a dozen sermons in my synagogue. As you may remember from our brief meeting when you spoke for Brandeis Bardin Institute in Los Angeles, my rabbinic credentials are adequate.... If there is any way I can be useful to you, Mr. Sobran, or National Review, I would be honored. Insofar as there is something called anti-Semitism (as opposed to anti-Godism), I just don't believe Mr. Sobran is one."


I email Evan: "I heard this dating story about you: She was very excited he'd gotten tix, but then after about an hour of driving, she realized it was a high school production of The Producers."

Evan replies: "That's a comic exageration of the facts. Sometimes, I look for cheap dates because there is no correlation between the amount of money expended and what transgresses thereafter. One time I picked out of City Paper a college production of something. I think it was The Crucible. Then I changed my mind and we went to see an excellent play about blacks and Jews at the Kennedy Center."

Evan with Laurel Toby of Media Bistro fame in November 1996.

Evan's plaudits from conservative leaders.

Apparently at the behest of Ben Stein, the American Spectator blacklisted me earlier this year. They backed down, it seemed, after I talked about asking all their donors why they fund a publication that blacklists a Jew for speaking out. But now Wlady is ignoring and deleting my emails.

The bizarro thing is that I have never even written anything about Ben Stein; just my pointed questions about his refusal to condemn the AEI purge (his father was an AEI scholar) and the AFM-ISNA alliance was enough, it seems, for him to have me blacklisted. The sad thing is that I'm sending stuff that would be ideal for TAS, and stuff which makes points and tackles subjects that others miss (which is my specialty.)

Here's one example; the seminal issue for conservatives commies in this country and how liberals whiteash them. But it seems all that counts less than Ben Stein, and his little vendetta. For conservatives the personal is political also.


Never mind, Jayson Blair.

Yes, the paper of record subjected itself to much self-flagellation upon discovery of its own little Stephen Glass in blackface.

Howell Raines was taken to the woodshed at meeting held inside a movie theatre right near the Grey Lady's 43rd St. headquarters. He later "resigned" as did Gerald Boyd whose protoge, Blair had turned the paper's news pages into Mr. Blair's own little black fiction section.

Still, Blair’s lies are easy enough to fix. There is, however, a far more insidious fiction that the New York Times has advanced for years, most recently with its obituary last month of longtime labor leader Victor Reuther.

The fiction is this: that America never really faced a domestic communist menance, that CPUSA members were merely liberals in a hurry and therefore anti-Commumnists were nothing but a bunch of McCarthyite fanatics. The New York Times lengthy obituary of Reuther, published the same day Ronald Reagan was called away, omitted the battles he and his esteemed brother, Walter, fought to keep communists out of the union movement. This kind of stuff was no little squabble among intellectuals. The paper mentioned that Reuther survived an assasination attempt but left out that the communists were long considered one posible culprit.

Par for the course: The Times over the years has omitted the CPUSA ties of notorious party members and fellow travelers. To write about commies without mentioning the “c word” is often a daunting task. Yet, the Times eems to have some kind of un-written rule that the "word" communist is verboten on the obit page even when the person has just such a history of collusion wth the CPUSA, and by extenstion the Soviet Union, or in the case of Victor Reuther's obit last month a long and brave history of fighting them.

Perhaps the classic example is the paper’s 1996 1996 obituary of Rosuara Revueltas, star of the acclaimed film Salt of the Earth, the paper of record mentioned to recap her career without mentioning such triling details that she was an unrepentant Stalnist, the film’s director Herbert Biberman, a communist and one of the Hollywood Ten and the film’s production company the Independent Productions Corporation was created by communists.

Even the CPUSA leader himself, Gus Hall, got sanatized a bit with the editorial page depicting him as American as as apple pie, just an overly ambitious liberal dreamer rather than the Stalinist adjunct that he was in reality.

The paper can’t write the truth without imploding self-serving myths of the anti-anti-Communist wing of liberalism. If you admit that these peopole were real communists, not just the figment of the paranoid right-wing imagination, then you invite more questions. The central one being did they take their marching orders from Moscow. The answer--known even before the Venona spy intercepts between the USSR and its agents here--is absolutely, which further gives credence to the anti-Communists cause.

Particularly inconvenient is the fact that many anti-Communist were not conservatives, but rather Cold War liberals, many such as George Meany among the nation’s top labor leaders. Another was Victor Reuther.

The Times, however, simply wrote that Victor Reuther and his brothers had fiercely battled left-wing radicals.

Uh, just which left-wing radicals? Environmentalists?

Earth First types?

Homosexuals? (Who before the arrival of so-called gay conservatives were generally leftist across the board.)

Militant blacks? The Black Panthers.

No, it was communists of course and Victor Reuther, with his brother Walter, strove to extirpate them from such crucial compoents of the labor movement as the UAW.

The New York Times also briefly mentioned that Victor Reuther survived an assasination attempt but neglected to say the communists were at the time considered prime suspects. (Although Nelson Lichtenstein concludes in his 1995 acclaimed biography of Victor Reuther that it was probably the mafia, another inconvient fact is that the CPUSA was not above physical extermination of opponents. Whittaker Chambers feared for his life after he broke ranks.)

In any event as the Times goes so goes the rest of the cultural elite. Particulary in this case the Washington Post. The obituary said that “Mr. Reuther forged a career spanning the eras flirtation with Russian socialism to its alarm at the outsourcing of what were once union jobs to Third World countries.”

Russian socialism?


Russian socialism is redolent of the term “French Socialism,” an intellectual indulgence without real world significance. The reality is some in the labor movement didn’t just flirt they went all the way with this Russian socialism better known as communism.”

But the obituary is certainly congruent with the Times sensibility.

The informal policy also helps advance the lie that the only anti-Communists were paranoid conservatives, and that concerns over communism was pure paranoid. Lies feed on lies. If the only anti-Communists were conservatives that fits neatly into the over-all theory of the whole McCarthy era being nothing but a witch-hunt instigated by know-nothings.

In fact, liberals have a strong anti-Communist tradition, dating from when Joe Rauh and Arthur Schlessigner founded Americans for Democratic Action, to exterpate commies from the liberal movement. Reuther did the same thing in the union movement. When the Times leaves that out the end product is an obituary about someone else.

As for Jayson Blair, whose new memoir Burning Down my Master's House, obscures the plain reality that he was the master and Howell Rains was the obedient slave, it's not out of the realm of reasonable possibility that he gets his job back.

If so he's a perfect fit for the obituary pages.


All Of Linda Chavez's Sons

Evan Gahr writes Linda Chavez, his former boss at the Hudson Institute who now works at the Center for Equal Opportunity:

Why does your bio mention your three sons but omit that two of them "work" for you at CEO?

Per previous inquiries, if their work is not up to par do you give them a bad performance review? Or just send them to bed without dinner?

How much do you pay them? Does the salary for Rudy and David include their allowances? Or is that calcuated separately?

Do you want to write a re-make of the classic Arthur Miller play, All My Sons?